UVM researcher focuses on improving climate predictions

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Wed, 09/23/2009 - 8:38am -- admin

Climate prediction is one of the research areas of Chris Danforth, assistant professor of applied mathematics at the University of Vermont, in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.
Danforth’s research is focused on developing novel techniques that will improve our ability to make accurate predictions of physical systems using numerical models. His concepts are successful in use with small global weather models and techniques are being applied to a version of the operational weather model used by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), the Global Forecast System (GFS). This model has about one billion degrees of freedom; it is used by the National Weather Service (NWS) to issue predictions to the government and media. Funding has been generously provided by NOAA and the NASA EPSCoR program in Vermont. Image: Shadowing in the atmosphere.