Media Kit

4.85 Average readers per issue

77% of VB subscribers discussed an item they read in VB with others.

70% of VB subscribers passed an item along or refer info to a business associate or client.

79% VB subscribers spend 15 minutes to over an hour reading VB a month 76% of VB subscribers are between 40 and 64  
84% VB subscribers are upper management

83% Graduated college

51% VB subscribers went on to post graduate studies

78% VB subscribers make purchasing decisions for their company 85% Readers have a household income of over $100,000  

Readership Survey conducted Fall 2022 by Circulation Verification Council.



We will accept color graphics as CMYK images ONLY, no RGB please; send b&w as grayscale.


Images need to be at least 300 dpi at 100% reproduction size, preferably submitted as TIFF, EPS or JPG; for rasterized type imposed on photos to print clearly, avoid font sizes below 8 pt.


When providing us with your layout source, please archive and send all fonts used, including both screen and printer files; No True Type fonts, PostScript only; Do not apply keyboard styles (i.e. bold, italic) to plain fonts, use PostScript styles only. When supplying a PDF, CONVERT ALL TEXT TO OUTLINES. Spell checking beforehand is highly recommended. If you cannot convert to outlines, please archive and provide us with all fonts used, including both screen and printer files. Do not apply keyboard styles (i.e. bold, italic) to plain fonts, use PostScript styles only.


All images must have their color profiles adjusted to compensate for newsprint with a 30% dot gain; Maximum ink density should not exceed 240%, with black limited to 80%; for 4 color application, PMS spot colors, duotones, and RGB images should be converted to closest CMYK equivalent. (Note on spots: When assigning a color to various images in multiple programs, please be careful that the process values are congruent with each other) Color correction is key, and is best performed before converting to CMYK. VBM can color correct upon request, provided that source images are included.

Line MONTHLY ISSUES at 85 lpi - please set resolution as follows

Screen: lineart/bitmap images set at 600 dpi and grayscale & CMYK images at 300 dpi. Glossy annual covers at 133 lpi - set resolution as follows: lineart/bitmap images set at 1200 dpi and grayscale & CMYK images at 260 dpi.

We will accept PDF files only when they are created using the following guidelines:


File dimensions (W” x H”) must be set to EXACT ad size specifications as per contract.

  • Embedded images need to have the correct resolution (300dpi or 260dpi).
  • File uses CMYK images, not RGB images
  • File has been saved as Acrobat 4.0 v1.3, POSTSCRIPT level 2 with all fonts embedded, CONVERTED to OUTLINES, and with vector art preserved.

Distiller settings: to match our settings exactly, refer to

PDF for spot color ads: Please send two versions of your ad, one composite and one as separations, each matching our Distiller settings. (For example: If your ad is black text with reflex blue highlights or graphics, then your ‘separations” pdf will be two pages, one for the black plate, and a second for the blue plate. You would send us your two-page seps PDF, plus a one page composite PDF).


All files will be checked, and re-checked for problems before going to press; client may incur additional charges if exorbitant file manipulation is required (This includes resizing, replacing fonts or graphics, color correcting, CMYK conversion, type changes, etc.) We are not responsible for ad quality if materials provided do not meet our specifications. We reserve the right to substitute fonts or graphic elements in order to meet the deadlines agreed upon with our printer. We will do our best to work with you, and to provide you with a positive and beneficial experience.


We accept ads sent via email, on cd, or floppy.  
Mail Attn: (your ad rep), Vermont Business Magazine, 365 Dorset St.,  
Burlington, VT 05403  
NOTE: Identify your ad in the subject of your email  
(Subject: companyName.issueDate.fileExtension)  
example: VEDA.0105.eps  
File size for email: The total size of all collected art must be less than 25 MB. Compress files over 15 MB using Zipit or Stuffit. All submissions must be accompanied by a proof printed at 100% reproduction size.

VB is not responsible for process color accuracy unless a SWOP approved match print or color key is provided; color lasers are used for copy reference ONLY.


Please call our production department if any of the guidelines present a problem - we are eager to work with you to find a solution.

Production Dept, VermontBiz