Lisa Kuneman graduates from NeighborWorks Leadership Program

Lisa Kuneman

Lisa Kuneman, associate housing developer at Windham & Windsor Housing Trust, has graduated from NeighborWorks America’s Advancing Leaders in Real Estate Program. Kuneman is one of 18 emerging leaders to graduate with this inaugural class of real estate staff.

Advancing Leaders in Real Estate, created with support from JPMorgan Chase, is a nine-month program for emerging project managers for NeighborWorks network organizations in the Northeast and Southern regions. Through this program, Kuneman received online and in-person training, including at NeighborWorks America’s Training Institutes. She also received one-on-one mentoring.

“Lisa’s depth of knowledge has grown to anticipating challenges in every phase of development, and working to ensure a smooth development process through complex legal, environmental and design issues,” said Peter Paggi, WWHT's director of housing development with WWHT. “We’re excited to have these skills while entering into construction on two housing developments — one in Putney and one in Windsor in the spring of 2024.”