Promotion announcement - commander, Troop A

Col. Matthew T. Birmingham, director of the Vermont State Police, is pleased to announce the following promotion: Lt. Matthew Daley, commander of the New Haven Barracks, to captain/Troop A commander for northern Vermont.

Capt. Daley has served the people of Vermont since 2005, when he began his state police career as a trooper at the Shaftsbury Barracks. He transferred to the St. Albans Barracks in 2007, then joined the Traffic Safety Unit in January 2010. That summer, he became a detective trooper in the Criminal Division with the Narcotics Investigation Unit. He transferred to the New Haven Barracks in 2014 as a senior trooper, and the following year earned a promotion to sergeant/patrol commander. He was assigned as a temporary lieutenant/station commander at New Haven from October 2018 through March 2019, and was promoted to that rank and position full time in August 2019.

In addition to these duties, Capt. Daley has served on the Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team, the SCUBA Team, and the Tactical Services Unit.

The Vermont State Police divides coverage of the state into two Troops: Troop A, which covers the northern part of the state, and Troop B, which covers southern Vermont. The five barracks in each Troop are overseen by a captain. Each Troop Commander oversees all personnel matters, communicates with members of the public and municipal governments, and ensures all barracks have the resources they need to fully support public safety efforts throughout station coverage areas.

Troop A covers the five Vermont State Police field stations in Derby, Middlesex, St. Albans, St. Johnsbury and Williston.

Capt. Daley will succeed Capt. Robert Cushing, who is retiring in early 2021. Capt. Daley can be reached through the St. Johnsbury Barracks at 802-524-5993 or [email protected]. The effective date of the promotion is Oct. 11, 2020.

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