North Central Vermont Recovery Center hires health & wellness program coordinator

The North Central Vermont Recovery Center (NCVRC) has chosen Morrisville native Lauren Paine to be their Health & Wellness Program Coordinator.

Paine will oversee NCVRC’s groundbreaking, innovative, and holistic Health and Wellness Program with programs and services located primarily in and around Jenna’s House in Johnson, VT – which is under construction as the home of a new community center and recovery center satellite facility in partnership with Jenna’s Promise – as well as at the recovery center’s flagship facility on Brooklyn Street in Morrisville and at other locations in the community.

Upon assuming her duties on September 5, Paine’s first priority was to help purchase more than $50,000 in equipment for a brand new fitness center to be located on the bottom floor of Jenna’s House, which was made possible through a grant received earlier this year. Those purchases have been supplemented by generous donations from the community, such as several pieces of equipment by Morrisville’s own Concept2. The gym is believed to be the first built in the state of Vermont designed to improve access to exercise for people affected by substance use and their families. It was borne out of the realization that such opportunities are often out of reach financially for many people, especially for people and families working to rebuild their lives in pursuit of long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Besides the gym where open hours, classes and workshops will be held, the first floor of Jenna’s House will also host a kitchen which will help provide healthy foods, cooking classes, and other nutrition supports to go along with a garden on the property. The health and wellness program will feature numerous other evidence-based programs and services as well as expanded recreational and social opportunities, including AcuDetox and other forms of acupuncture, yoga, reiki, guided hikes, biking, self-defense classes, martial arts, art and music therapies, and other activities that promote a sober active community and powerful connections that are invaluable in recovery.

Paine was chosen from a large and talented pool of candidates due to both her professional and personal achievements, her experience using healthy activities as a path to and in recovery, and because of her infectious positive energy and generous spirit. Paine has served as a Vermont-certified recovery coach and Emergency Department Recovery Coach for the North Central Vermont Recovery Center since late 2019.

“Lauren has the ‘it’ factor,” says NCVRC’s executive director Daniel Franklin. “She has the capacity to lead and inspire and uplift. She is capable, I think, of more than she even knows. And together, with the community’s support, we’re going to create something truly special that will provide paths to and in recovery that just haven’t been available to this level previously. We’ll be able to provide ways for people to engage in healthy activities and choices at all stages of recovery even if they are not yet ready for some of the more traditional modalities like recovery coaching or support groups, and we’ll be able to foster healthy relationships, community engagement, service to others, and other rewarding behaviors. This will change the paradigm of what it means to be in recovery at least in our region, if not beyond. People will be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. And in time, I believe this will be a piece that helps heal individuals, families and our community to some extent.”

As for why Lauren chose to make the leap and join NCVRC’s team in this capacity, she says “My own journey in recovery had led me directly to this position. Over the last few years I have grown to love physical fitness and I have felt the difference my healthy choices have made on my mind, body, and soul. Today I can claim my happiness and it thrills me to know I will be helping my peers to achieve the same freedom and wellness. So many people struggle with understanding and envisioning a sober life. In the beginning, it can be extremely difficult to handle the stress, anxiety, isolation, and depression often associated with addiction. Exercise enhances mood, reduces stress, boosts energy, improves overall health and aids in a more restful sleep. Incorporating exercise, healthy eating and community activities into the life of someone in recovery will only enhance their outlook on life and give them the confidence to continue their journey forward - this is what we are striving to achieve here.”

NCVRC will be looking for wellness practitioners, service providers, coaches, workshop leaders or others who would like to partner to build a robust suite of opportunities. If you are interested in being a part of our community, please reach out to Lauren at [email protected]. Donations to financially support these programs and services would also be welcome and greatly appreciated.

The North Central Vermont Recovery Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming, and substance-free environment for individuals and families on their paths to lasting recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. NCVRC is celebrating its 10th year providing hope in the Lamoille Valley. You can learn more at