Transfer announcement - Director, Internal Affairs

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Tue, 05/14/2019 - 6:10pm -- Denise Sortor

Col. Matthew T. Birmingham, director of the Vermont State Police, is pleased to announce the following transfer: Lt. Robert McKenna, Assistant Staff Operations Commander, to director/Internal Affairs Unit at Headquarters. Lt. McKenna has served the people of Vermont since graduating from the Vermont Police Academy in 2004, after which he was assigned to the Rutland Barracks as a trooper. He continued in that position until he transferred in 2013 to the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force, then received a promotion to sergeant with that unit two years later. He became a detective sergeant in 2017 with a transfer to the Major Crime Unit, where he worked until his promotion in October 2018 to lieutenant as Assistant Staff Operations Commander at Headquarters. His transfer to director of the Internal Affairs Unit was effective earlier this spring.

In addition to those duties, Lt. McKenna served on the Crowd Control Team from 2007-09, the Crime Scene Search Team from 2010-14, and on the Policy Committee from 2010-14.

The mission of the Office of Internal Affairs is to ensure that the Vermont State Police uphold expected conduct standards for all sworn members. The people of Vermont have an expectation that those who have the responsibility of enforcing the laws of the state are held to the highest standards of policing. The commander of the Office of Internal Affairs carries out the mission of ensuring the preservation of the public’s trust. Vermont’s Public Safety Commissioner is responsible for the assignment of cases to the Office of Internal Affairs.

Lt. McKenna can be reached at Vermont State Police Headquarters in Waterbury at 802-244-8727 or

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