GLOBALFOUNDRIES Vermont receives award from national pollution prevention group

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Tue, 03/13/2018 - 2:35pm -- Denise Sortor

National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) board member Rick Reibstein traveled from Boston to Vermont this week and visited GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) to recognize the company for winning the 2017 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) award. All GF employees receiving the award work at the GF Vermont facility. They included: Dan Wildermuth, Eric Lemire, Ruma Kohli, Jonathan Grohs, Randy Austin, Jim Densmore, Christopher Magg, Dan Hill, Louis Kindt and Shaun Crawford.

GF’s winning project is “Elimination of Legacy Wet Chromium Etch Processing in Photomask Manufacturing” and is from the Mask House organization at the Essex Junction site. This project brought about significant savings and reductions and also resulted in improved operator safety and productivity.

The following results were achieved:

·5,268 gallons of hazardous chemicals were eliminated from the manufacturing process, resulting in over $88,000 of chemical savings per year.

·In addition, removing the tools from the manufacturing process helped GF save 6.5M gallons of water; 352,414 kWH of electricity; and 6.5M gallons of waste; resulting in over $71,000 in annual savings.  

·This process change also resulted in improved operator safety and productivity (over 800 man-hours of operator time), increased process yields, and improved equipment and floor space utilization.

Upon presenting the NPPR award to the team, Reibstein said, “It is gratifying to see at this facility, the good sense an environmentalist like me would want to see a business exhibit. It is the same intelligence and quality a smart manager, investor or customer would want to see. This company does not just make product it makes sense.”

Photo of GF Mask House winning team: Dan Wildermuth, Christopher Magg, Louis Kidnt, Jim Densmore, Ruma Kohli, Shaun Crawford, Rick Reibstein (NPPR), Eric Lemire and Randy Austin

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