State Auditor Hoffer appoints Stein as Deputy State Auditor, thanks Mesner for her service

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Fri, 01/04/2019 - 9:05am -- Denise Sortor

Vermont State Auditor Doug Hoffer is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Stein as Deputy State Auditor. Stein takes over from Susan Mesner, who served the State of Vermont for 18 years and retired from state employment at the end of the year.

Auditor Hoffer thanks Mesner for her many contributions to Vermonters and the Office of the Vermont State Auditor.

“During her 12-year tenure as an economist at the Vermont Department of Taxes, Susan was instrumental in modernizing and reforming important elements of the State’s tax code, especially the corporate income tax” Hoffer said.

After her time at the Tax Department, Mesner became the Deputy State Auditor at the outset of Hoffer’s first term in 2013.

“Susan successfully reorganized the administrative side of this office,” Hoffer said. “Her thoroughness and attention to detail was of great value and repeatedly acted as a safety net for the important work of this office.”

“A valuable measure of an individual’s contribution to an office is whether the person left the organization better than she found it,” Hoffer added. “In Susan’s case, the answer is a resounding yes, and her work has greatly smoothed the way for her successor.”

Much like Mesner, Stein is moving into the Deputy State Auditor role after three-plus years serving as an economist for the Tax Department. Prior to his work at the Department, Stein served the State Auditor’s Office as its Special Investigator, leading non-audit inquiries and providing detailed analysis for the State’s government accountability office. His work focused on issues of government efficiency, public return on investment, consumer protection, market fairness, public access to information, and health care reform.

“Andrew’s experience in the office will allow him to hit the ground running, and his analytic skills will be a great asset to the office,” Hoffer said. “His time at the Tax Department has also greatly expanded his knowledge of state government.”

A former journalist and Fulbright Research Fellow, Stein is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He previously served on the Vermont Supreme Court’s Board of Bar Examiners and currently serves as a Director on the Montpelier Roxbury School Board.

“Having already worked with Andrew, I know what he brings to the job: energy, intelligence, a diverse skill set, and a commitment to transparency and accountability,” Hoffer said.