Park serves on UCH Board

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Thu, 08/10/2017 - 3:01pm -- Denise Sortor

Tara Parks has been appointed to the Board of United Children’s Services which oversees Bennington County Head Start. This program provides children and their families with the building blocks necessary to succeed in learning, parenting, and life. Parks will also head up the Policy Council which oversees all aspects of the Head Start program including selection of staff, development of new policies, grant budget approval and curriculum development. The Council is comprised of parents and community members.

“I am pleased to have Tara Parks serve on the Board of United Children’s Services which  includes our  Head Start and Early Head Start programs,” said  Lorna Mattern,  Executive Director of UCS.  “She is experienced, focused, and understands and supports our mission.”

Parks previously held a position with Williams College Children’s Center and currently works for ABTEC Inc. She resides in Pownal with her family.

"Head Start is a wonderful program that provides many needed services to the children and families in our community. Policy Council members are empowered and encouraged to share their opinions and make final approval on many of the Head Start policies, procedures and finances,” says Parks. “I am excited to serve on the UCH Board and to  lead the Head Start Policy Council as it allows me to serve as a link between those making decisions and those the decisions affect in the program."

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