Jarvis Antonio Green launches new company: JAG Productions

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Wed, 08/10/2016 - 10:12am -- katie

Jarvis Antonio Green is thrilled to announce the launch of JAG Productions, a company that will operate in tandem with Artistree Community Arts Center where Mr. Green was previously the Director of Theatre Arts.  The opportunity to work with ArtisTree and Kathleen Dolan, Founder & Executive Director, is an exciting one for Mr. Green who splits his time in New York City and Vermont.  A versatile artist working both onstage and off, he continues to work hard to bring stories to life in the Upper Valley community. 

“I am so grateful to be given another opportunity to share stories through theatre to our community – and with a new company! This time, I’m bringing new stories written by new playwrights about people and subject matter that exist in our greater communities” Mr. Green said.

As an actor, Mr. Green recently spent 6 months working regionally at Village Theatre in MY HEART IS THE DRUM. One reviewer wrote, "Green is a standout performer as Sakuro. Efua’s father simmers with quiet anger — anger over his once-prosperous farm’s turn of fate, anger over his brother-in-law’s better fortunes, anger over his daughter’s refusal to respect his place as man of the house. His toxic masculinity demands that he lash out at those closest to him but, like a true rage-aholic, he recoils at himself when he realizes he’s left a mark. Green handles this interplay of pride and regret deftly." 

In November, JAG Productions inaugural performance in partnership with ArtisTree is Choir Boy - a new play by Tarell Alvin McCraney (2013 MacArthur Fellowship recipient)! The show will be presented at Briggs Opera House in White River Junction VT. 

Choir Boy is a music-filled story of masculinity, tradition, coming of age, and speaking your truth, set in the gospel choir of an elite prep school for young black men. 

Mr. Green sees a play like Choir Boy as an opportunity. “It is an opportunity for us to be in dialogue with our community, to say, ‘Here is a slice of African American life. Here is a glimpse into African American existence of young men who are at a critical juncture in their development and in their lives. Here is an opportunity to bring a play written by an accomplished African American playwright about young black men to our community, a community rarely given such an offering but hungry and open to new voices and ideas.’” says Green.

JAG Productions is a Limited Liability Company with a mission to produce bold theatre that reflects the times.  The company’s goal is for the community to come to the theatre to hear new stories and leave inspired or as Green says, “shifted”. The company aims for its patrons to move through the world with more love, greater kindness, and greater compassion for one another after seeing a production. 

"We eagerly anticipate not only witnessing but participating in the process of another inspiring theatrical production under the direction of Jarvis Green and his new theater company” Kathleen Dolan said.

As of now the company will only offer a limited calendar of two performances a year (Spring & Fall) both co-productions with ArtisTree. “This gives me the opportunity and freedom to continue my work throughout the country as a freelance actor and director while still being a part of a community that I love so much” said, Green.

For more information about JAG Productions and Choir Boy please visit www.JAGProductionsVT.com or call 802-332-3270