Vermont medical community applauds Governor Scott for signing H.766

The enactment of H.766 will streamline insurance approvals and make it easier for Vermont patients to access medical care.

Vermont Business Magazine Health care clinicians from across Vermont applaud the Governor Scott for signing H.766, a bill that will reduce health care administrative delays and streamline insurance requirements. They look forward to working with the Administration on implementing the bill and studying the impacts.

Health care organizations, including the Vermont Medical Society, Vermont Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter, have advocated in support of the important steps this bill takes in reducing insurance paperwork burdens for Vermont providers and in removing barriers to care for Vermont patients.

“Vermont patients are the winners today,” Katie Marvin, M.D., a family physician at Lamoille Valley Health Partners said after learning of the signing of the bill. “By enacting H.766, the Governor has shown he trusts Vermont primary care providers (PCPs). By alleviating the mounting administrative burden on primary care, Vermont patients will have access to necessary, affordable health care when they need it.”  

”Primary care spends less, orders fewer tests, fewer unnecessary labs, and provides the most economic, best bang for your buck,” said Rep. Alyssa Black, D-Essex, the lead sponsor of the bill, in response to claims that H.766 will increase health care costs. “I am thrilled that Governor Scott understands that our overstretched primary care workforce can no longer bear the brunt of this administrative burden.”

“H.766 will stop insurance companies from coming between you and the care you need,” said Senate sponsor Sen. Ginny Lyons, D-Chittenden Southeast. “Vermonters who have struggled to access timely medical care and their practitioners will no longer be frustrated by administrative barriers that put health care on hold.”

About the Vermont Medical Society: The Vermont Medical Society is the leading voice of physicians in the state and is dedicated to optimizing the health of all Vermonters and the health care environment in which Vermont physicians and physician assistants practice medicine. The Society serves its 2,900 members through public policy advocacy on the state and federal levels, as well as by providing legal, administrative, and educational support, producing a rich flow of news and information, and offering member benefits that increase medical practice effectiveness and efficiency. For more information, visit

Source: 5.20.2024. Vermont Medical Society

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