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Vermont Department of Economic Development 
May 2024

Happy Spring!
Vermont never ceases to amaze. April brought us a total solar eclipse and now May is dazzling us with Aurora Borealis. These pictures were taken in Montpelier by Daniel Dickerson, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development's Administrative Services Director. We are grateful to him for sharing.

The end of the legislative session was a whirlwind and it’s not over yet with a likely veto session scheduled for June 17. As of right now, there are three DED efforts to update you on:

  1. An extension of the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI) sunset until January 1, 2027.
  2. Continuation of our efforts to boost bilateral trade by contracting with a Canadian firm to recruit Quebec businesses to expand into Vermont.
  3. The Business Emergency Gap Assistance Program (BEGAP) that helped businesses and nonprofits damaged last summer by flooding is set to receive another $5M in funding contingent upon excess revenues at the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

We hope you will join us in early June for a Flood Recovery Symposium. Municipalities, businesses, and nonprofits are invited to Stratton Mountain on June 4, Vermont State University-Johnson on June 5, and the Vermont Statehouse on June 6. Federal agencies will be there as will representatives from state programs and philanthropic organizations. Attendees will learn how to combine resources to get projects done.

The Department of Economic Development is continuing to work hard on our signature programs including the Vermont Training Program, and VEGI. Both are mentioned below in conjunction with electric aviation leader BETA Technologies. You can also read on to learn how the Brownfields Revitalization Fund and the Community Recovery and Revitalization Program are helping to build affordable housing in southern Vermont.

As always, if we can be of any help to you or your business or nonprofit, please reach out.


Signature of Joan Goldstein
Joan Goldstein
Commissioner, Department of Economic Development
[email protected]

Secretary Kurrle introduces video by Sen. Welch

Crowd is ready to network

Crowd listens to Sec. Kurrle

APEX Accelerator Director Joanne Spaulding address crowd

Top left: Vt. Commerce and Community Development Secretary Lindsay Kurrle introduces video by Senator Welch. Top right: Attendees are ready to network. Bottom left: Attendees listen to Sec. Kurrle. Bottom right: Vermont APEX Accelerator Director Joanne Spaulding addresses crowd.

Government Contracting Conference

For the first time in several years, Vermont hosted the Department of Defense Northeast Regional Council Matchmaker.

This week Vermont APEX Accelerator brought together local, state, and federal government agencies; prime government contractors; and small businesses from New England and New York to make connections and learn more about contracting opportunities Burlington Hilton.

If your business is interested in selling to a government entity, reach out to the Vermont APEX Accelerator Team.

Left: Groundbreaking at Central & Main. Right: Artist rendering of building.

DED Supports Affordable Housing 

A groundbreaking to celebrate 25 new affordable apartments in downtown Windsor. The $14.5M project by Evernorth and the Windham & Windsor Housing Trust relied on two grants from DED – $625,000 from the Brownfields Revitalization Fund and $397,000 from the Community Recovery and Revitalization Program.

Top: House Commerce and Transportation Committees arrive at BETA Technologies. Bottom left: BETA employee talks with lawmakers and Commissioner Goldstein. Bottom right: Lawmakers and VEPC Executive Director Jessica Smith Hartleben, VEPC Staffer Ellie Beckett, and Commissioner Goldstein.

Economic Development in Action

At the end of April, Commissioner Goldstein, VEPC Executive Director Jessica Smith Hartleben, and VEPC Staffer Ellie Beckett took a tour of BETA Technologies with the Vermont House Commerce and Transportation Committees.

To date, BETA has taken advantage of two Vermont economic development programs. It has used the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI) twice and the Vermont Training Program (VTP) once.

Southern Vermont Economy Summit

ACCD is proud to sponsor the Southern Vermont Economy Summit. Join us Tuesday, May 21 to discuss strategies for spurring rural economic development.

Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference

The Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference is set to take place June 8 at Vermont State University in Randolph. Workshops range from resume writing to marketing and managing a business. Register today.

Rural Entrepreneurship Symposium

The University of Vermont is hosting the Inaugural Rural Entrepreneurship Symposium June 19 – 21. This national conference will focus on rural entrepreneurship and innovation.

Attendees from across the country will share their experiences and learn how Vermont approaches entrepreneurship and small business through workshops, panels, research presentations, and networking. Register today.

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