The future of EV charging arrives at Dartmouth College

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Solaflect Energy, based in Norwich, Vermont, is the visionary creator of this groundbreaking EV charging system called the Solar EV Charger

Vermont Business Magazine Dartmouth College takes a leap into the sustainable future with the installation of the region's first off-grid solar electric vehicle charging station designed for workplaces. Solaflect Energy, based in Norwich, Vermont, is the visionary creator of this groundbreaking EV charging system called the Solar EV Charger, which aims to meet the growing needs of EV commuters at Dartmouth College with sustainable solar power.

The Hanover, New Hampshire-located Solar EV Charger benefits from abundant annual sunshine, providing up to 40,000 miles of EV charging per year, or 10,000 miles for each of four participating employees through four Level 2 chargers.  This far exceeds the average Dartmouth employee's annual commute and is more cost-effective, with a per-mile cost that is only a quarter of traditional gasoline expenses. Moreover, the 'fuel' powering these EVs is 100% renewable, harnessed directly from the sun.

“This solar electric vehicle charger is a part of the college’s efforts to make our (transportation systems) more sustainable”, said Marcus Welker, Assistant Director of Sustainability at Dartmouth College. The Solar EV Charger is just one project of the Dartmouth Climate Collaborative – a comprehensive approach to addressing climate change in meaningful and sustainable ways. The Solar EV Charger is, according to Welker, “moving the institution and our employees toward a lower carbon future”. 


Clean EV Charging with Proven, Local, Solar Design

Solaflect Energy, with its roots in Norwich, Vermont, is the brains behind this innovative EV charging system. Solaflect boasts over 1,200 residential and light commercial solar Tracker installations with 40 million hours of operating experience across New Hampshire, Vermont, and western Massachusetts. A Solaflect Tracker has been successfully operating at Dartmouth College since 2016, providing clean energy for the campus.

The new SolaflectEV solar charging stations are energized by a similarly reliable, dual-axis, tracking solar array, distributing clean energy through four Level 2 charging ports strategically placed for workplace parking locations. Because they are placed at the intersection of lot lines, Solar EV Chargers have no impact on parking spaces or traffic flow. 

Additional Advantages of the Solar EV Charger

  • Powered by a 6.2-kilowatt solar array on a dual-axis tracker, Solaflect Trackers produce 40% more power than fixed panel arrays by pointing directly at the sun all day.
  • Faster and less expensive to install than grid-connected EV charging stations. Solar EV Chargers deploy in just one day versus weeks or months for traditional chargers.
  • No ongoing utility fees, network fees, or expensive monthly demand charges. A Solar EV Charger is 100% off-grid and completely powered by free solar energy.
  • Climate-resilient design with quick snow shedding, flat storage for protection in high winds, and flood avoidance.
  • Flexible and scalable for future growth. If parking needs change, Solar EV Chargers can be relocated, and as demand increases, additional units can be easily  and quickly deployed.
  • Delivers 40,000 miles of EV charging per year, and one million miles of EV charging over its expected 25-year life.


More SolaflectEV Charging Station Deployments are Coming

Solaflect COO Rob Adams has announced that the company's initial installations will be in New England, but plans are for nationwide expansion. Adams expressed enthusiasm about workplaces across the region embracing solar EV charging, stating, "We look forward to EV-driving employees all over the region 'plugging into the sun' during the workday."

Among others, SolaflectEV has secured agreements or is in final discussions for Solar EV Charger deployments at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, Dartmouth Health/Cheshire Medical Center in Keene, New Hampshire, and Hypertherm, Inc. in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Adams explained that the Solar EV Charger can be leased with no installation cost, or purchased with the advantage of a 30% federal investment tax credit. He further noted that various grant funding options are available to further reduce cash outlays. 

About Solaflect Energy

Solaflect Energy is a leading provider of sun-tracking solar arrays for residential/business/education use, and affordable off-grid Solar EV Chargers for commuters and workplaces. With a commitment to sustainability, Solaflect Energy aims to contribute to the global fight against climate change and make clean energy accessible in communities.

Source: Solaflect. Norwich, Vermont, May 13, 2024. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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