NEK Broadband expands in Barnet, Peacham, Walden and Danville

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Vermont Business Magazine Building a brand new internet network involves both small steps and large ones. The latest NEK Broadband service expansion involves 100 miles and over 400 potential customers in Barnet, Peacham, Walden and Danville. Residents and businesses interested in getting truly high-speed internet with no data caps should register at

Key parts of a fiber-optic cable network are the electronics cabinets that direct the signal from sender to intended recipient. The latest cabinet, also known as an OLT, has been set up at the fire department in Peacham. 

NEK Broadband’s executive director, Christa Shute said, “We’re so grateful to the Peacham Fire Department for arranging to house the OLT that supports our ability to deliver high-speed internet in four communities. Volunteers and our board members are so important to our success. The additional 400 plus addresses launched this week are in addition to the 182 addresses announced in February, as we continue to deliver on our promise to bring high speed internet to the Kingdom.” 

Crews continue to expand the network as cable is hung on utility poles along these initial routes. The mission of this Vermont-based organization is to make sure every address where there is electric utility service in Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans counties, plus Wolcott in Lamoille county, has access to at least one high-speed internet service. Although it is a process that will take years to complete, significant progress is being made. The effort has parallels to one hundred years ago when electricity was first being brought to rural areas of Vermont. 

Unlike satellite services, NEK Broadband internet is not impacted by snow or rain. With no data caps, multiple users in one household or business can be assured of robust speeds for as much time online as they need. 

Reaching the goal of bringing universal access to the internet here will bring a kind of digital equity to the Northeast Kingdom. Those who do not have it yet miss out on education, business networking, healthcare and social resources that are critical to personal opportunities and the region’s economy. 

Additional service will become available in new areas throughout 2024. 

About NEK Broadband 

NEK Broadband is a Communications Union District (CUD) representing every town in Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans counties, plus Wolcott in Lamoille County. We are a community-driven organization building public infrastructure to help ensure that every address that has existing electric utility service will have access to high-speed broadband service. As a municipality, we are a non-profit, so revenue from customers will go towards building and repairing infrastructure and increasing affordability for our residents. 

Source: 3.4.2024. Northeast Kingdom, VT— NEK Broadband Vermont Business Magazine