Little Patakha launches 'Vermont for Little Vermonters' initiative

LittlePatakha, a Vermont based children’s brand and prominent advocate for inclusive early childhood education, introduces the "Vermont for Little Vermonters" initiative.

Provides the opportunity for Vermont businesses to support diversity in local schools with inclusivity-themed educational products.

Vermont Business Magazine LittlePatakha, a Vermont based children’s brand and prominent advocate for inclusive early childhood education, introduces the "Vermont for Little Vermonters" initiative. This corporate sponsorship program is designed to support public elementary schools across Vermont and provide them with inclusivity-themed educational products created by Little Patakha. The program allows large and small businesses the opportunity to invest in their local communities and ensure that every child has access to essential resources.

"In a small and rural state like Vermont, it is important to expose our youngest community members to ideas, people and cultures they may not easily come across, so they grow up to become informed global citizens,” said Akshata Nayak, founder of Little Patakha. “In addition to championing this, Little Patakha products are designed to boost creativity, language development, comprehension and more which can help address the underlying issues behind the continued drop in reading proficiency within our state. Educators across the state have expressed a common concern - while they recognize the importance and need for these educational materials, their schools are unable to budget for it.”

Having successfully completed a similar initiative this year in the Denver Public Schools system in Colorado with corporate partners, Nayak is confident they can do the same in Vermont. 

“The 'Vermont for Little Vermonters' initiative is an opportunity for Vermont businesses to work together to boost confidence, nurture empathy and unlock the full potential of little Vermonters” Nayak said.

With the support of local companies, each Vermont public elementary school can receive a Little Patakha Educational Starter Kit with products that teach them important skills while immersing children in imaginative play. These products include:

Different Fits - A mix and match game that helps kids look beyond stereotypes when it comes to which profession they can choose when they grow up.

Unstoppable Me - Affirmation cards that teach kids wonderful things about themselves and how they relate to others.

A Piece A Part - An anatomy-based jigsaw puzzle that educates them about their bodies but also shows them we all have more in common than it may seem.

"By investing in the education and social well-being of these children, we are investing in the future of Vermont," added Nayak. "This is an opportunity to create an impact that can last beyond all of us and that is a powerful story."

Businesses and public elementary schools in Vermont interested in partnering with Little Patakha for the "Vermont for Little Vermonters” initiative, are asked to visit the Little Patakha website for more information.

About Little Patakha: Little Patakha is a BIPOC-woman owned children’s brand located in Jericho VT that offers educational and inclusive books, games, and toys to spark curiosity, celebrate differences and shatter stereotypes through diverse representation. Through its comprehensive portfolio of different media for different stages of development in early childhood, Little Patakha is committed to make learning fun through immersive experiences that boost confidence, foster acceptance, and encourage imaginative play. 

Source: 6.20.2024. [Jericho, VT] LittlePatakha
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