Welch statement on Supreme Court striking down federal bump stock ban

Vermont Business Magazine Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Garland v. Cargill, overturning the federal ban on bump stocks on semiautomatic rifles—devices used in the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, the deadliest mass shooting in history. Senator Peter Welch (D-Vermont) released the following statement: 

“Today, the extremist Supreme Court has again shown how out of touch it is when it comes to public safety and gun laws – it cares more about doing the gun lobby’s bidding than it cares about how many lives are lost to mass gun violence. Only 166 days into 2024, America has experienced 214 mass shootings. Enough is enough,” said Sen. Welch. “We need more bipartisan, commonsense gun legislation, including a ban on these devices that turn legal firearms into illegal machine guns, and we need it now.”

The vote was along ideological lines, 6-3, with Justice Thomas writing for the majority that a bump stock did not make the weapon a machine gun because it still required repeated pulls of the trigger and was not thus automatic. Justice Alito concurred and said Congress would need to amend the law banning machine guns, which was enacted in 1934. 

Justice Sotomayor for the dissenters accused the conservative majority of once again turning a blind eye to the reality of gun violence, and making it yet more difficult to adopt measures aimed at preventing bloodshed, saying "majority's artificially narrow definition hamstrings the Government's efforts to keep machineguns from gunmen like the Las Vegas shooter."

NPR:The US Supreme Court strikes down a federal ban on bump stocks

Source: 6.14.2024. 

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