Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports accepting access grant proposals through June 19

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports has announced it is accepting proposals for its 2024 Outdoor Fitness and Sports Access Grants (“OFSAG”) starting today. OFSAG provides funding for the development or continuation of community initiatives that enhance access to sports and fitness activities for all Vermonters, particularly members of historically and/or presently marginalized or underrepresented communities.

The grant period, slated from July 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, offers an opportunity for organizations to propose new—or enhance existing—programming that fosters inclusivity and accessibility in fitness and sports. In keeping with its mission, the Council recognizes the importance of addressing systemic barriers that have historically deterred or excluded certain communities from participating in these activities, and seeks to support initiatives addressing these issues, in part, through this grant program.

Janet Franz, Chairperson of the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, emphasized the Council's commitment to equity and inclusion in outdoor recreation. "The Council’s work centers on the belief that everyone should have equal access to the mental, physical, and social benefits that come from an active lifestyle including sports, fitness, or outdoor recreation. Our goal is to see these grants support the work of community organizations creating these opportunities in an environment where all individuals feel welcomed and supported."

Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, community groups, recreation departments, non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, schools, and community-based health centers. The Council encourages proposals that demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A total of $8,000 OFSAG funding is available for this award period, with the possibility of funding being split among multiple recipients. Successful proposals will outline measurable outcomes and strategies for assessing the impact of the proposed programs or initiatives.

Proposals are due by June 19, 2024, and should be submitted electronically to [email protected] with "RFP Submission" in the subject line. Award notifications are expected to be made by July 1, 2024.

For detailed proposal guidelines and submission instructions, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports website.

Contact Information:

Janet Franz, Chairperson

Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports

Email: [email protected]

About the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports:

The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through physical activity and sports participation across the state of Vermont. The Council works to remove barriers to fitness and sports access and advocates for policies that support active lifestyles for all Vermonters.

Source: Montpelier, Vermont - June 5, 2024 - The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sport

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