Welch urges US to stop supporting Netanyahu’s ‘Scorched Earth Campaign’

Vermont Business Magazine Wednesday evening, US Senator Peter Welch (D-Vermont) took to the Senate Floor to call for an end to the United States’ support for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s war strategy that has not only caused massive death and destruction but has failed to achieve Netanyahu’s objectives of eliminating Hamas and releasing the remaining hostages. In his remarks, he commended President Biden’s support for the current ceasefire proposal, and discussed the urgent need for this war to come to an end.  

“Last week, Secretary Blinken said Israel must decide if its military actions are worth the cost in civilian lives. I agree. But the United States—not just Israel—must answer this question, too.  

“Is Israel’s use of our planes, our tanks, our bombs, our ammunition worth the cost in civilian lives? Is it worth the risk of creating a new generation of terrorists—victims of bombing and shelling who saw their parents, siblings, and friends die, their homes destroyed?  Is it worth the lives of the hostages?   

“Madam President, I believe the answer is no.   

“The United States should stop providing offensive weapons and munitions to a polarizing foreign leader who treats billions of dollars in military aid from American taxpayers as an entitlement, while he ignores the appeals of American officials to stop bombing, shooting, and denying aid to Palestinian civilians.   

“The United States should stop providing offensive weapons and munitions to a foreign leader who promotes policies that are diametrically against U.S. national interests, and by doing so sets back progress for Middle East peace and puts American lives at risk,” said Sen. Welch. 

Watch the Senator’s full remarks HERE.  

Read the Senator’s full remarks here

In November, Senator Welch called for an indefinite ceasefire to stop the bombing, prevent further loss of civilian life, extend access to humanitarian relief to those who had been displaced, and continue negotiations to secure hostages.  

Welch voted against the National Security Supplemental Package in February and April, citing his unwillingness to fund Netanyahu’s disastrous military campaign in Gaza, which has killed thousands of civilians, created a massive humanitarian crisis and is increasingly destabilizing the region. 

Source: June 6, 2024. Senator Welch

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