Senate passes Proposal 3, to enshrine in the Vermont Constitution the right of Vermont workers to organize and collectively bargain

Vermont Business Magazine Today the Vermont Senate passed Proposal 3 on a unanimous, tripartisan vote of 29-0-1. Proposal 3 proposes to enshrine in the Vermont Constitution the right of Vermont workers to organize and collectively bargain. 

“Our goal is to ensure that, whatever happens on a federal level or in other states, Vermont workers now and in the future will be able to exercise their right to organize,” said Senator Wendy Harrison, member of the Senate Committee on Economic Development and reporter of the bill.

Proposal 3 would ensure that Vermonters’ current labor rights are not eroded by future political action. Proposal 3 would ensure workers have the right to choose whether or not to form a union and would protect the authority of chosen unions to effectively represent the interests of their members.  

"I'm grateful for the tripartisan support for Proposal 3,” said Senator Nader Hashim, lead sponsor of the bill. “This sends a strong message that Vermont supports our workers in the face of large-scale corporate attempts to scale back workers' rights. Although the future is always uncertain, we are taking steps to increase confidence that labor unions will continue to be available to those who wish to join them."

In order to amend Vermont’s Constitution, a proposal must be initiated by the Senate, approved by two thirds of the Senate, and approved by a majority vote in the House. If successful, the proposal must then pass the succeeding Senate and House with a majority vote before being considered by Vermont voters in the General Election.

“With so much uncertainty and instability in Washington D.C., we must do everything in our power here in Vermont to protect the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain,” said Senate President Pro Tem Phil Baruth. “I’m proud of the Senate for its work advancing this Proposal 3, which brings us one step closer to enshrining those rights in the Vermont Constitution. ”

You can learn more about PR.3 on the legislative website.

Source: MONTPELIER, VT – 4.2.2024. Office of the President Pro Tempore