Consolidated ready for winter season, customers should stay prepared

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Residents are reminded to take precautions and safety measures in case of winter weather; Company prepared to respond 

Vermont Business Magazine Consolidated Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNSL), a leading broadband and business communications provider, is ready for the upcoming winter season, taking steps to prepare response plans and other protocols in the event of severe weather in its service areas. 

“Winter storms are a yearly occurrence in our community, and when severe weather impacts our customers, ensuring the reliability of services for our customers is our top priority”, said Ryan Whitlock, senior vice president, operations at Consolidated. “We continually monitor weather patterns and have rigorous emergency response protocols for a variety of potential challenges. Our teams stand ready to respond when needed. Connectivity is vital for our customers and our communities, and we’re ready for winter weather.” 

Consolidated encourages customers and local residents to prepare as well, including:  

  • Plan to stay warm, by winterizing your home making sure you can heat your home safely before winter; stay indoors if temperatures could cause frostbite and hypothermia. 
  • Pay attention to weather reports and storm updates; research and sign up for local emergency warning systems. 
  • Stock up on emergency supplies including bottled water, non-perishable food, a battery-powered radio, flashlight, batteries and a first aid kit. 
  • Review information from local resources, including Vermont Emergency Management. 

Early season storms, when wet and heavy snowfall can cause damage to trees, typically have the potential to cause the most disruption to service. In the event of severe impacts from winter storms, Consolidated is prepared to address customer needs while ensuring their safety and the safety of its employees. 

Consolidated teams prepare for the potential storms and severe weather that can impact service reliability and dependability, including by:  

  • Ensuring all back-up power supplies and generators are fully operational; 
  • Ensuring availability of fuel for both fleet and emergency generators during and after a storm; 
  • Taking inventory of supplies, including copper and fiber cables, needed for plant and network restoration and supplementing where necessary; 
  • Increasing staffing in areas projected to be impacted; 
  • Placing emergency network supplies throughout company facilities; and 
  • Double-checking all safety equipment and supplies that are in place. 

During a storm or severe weather event, commercial power outages may interrupt Internet and network services, which are dependent on electricity. As electric service providers begin restoring power, they typically prioritize emergency responders and hospitals ahead of other customers. The company encourages customers to be prepared for interruptions in Internet service that may be related to commercial power availability. 

Recent upgrades to fiber-optic infrastructure in some areas will also be of great benefit amid cold and wet conditions. Fiber-optic cables are more resilient to rain and snow than copper cables since they transmit light signals instead of electrical signals. This resiliency is just one of the benefits that fiber optic infrastructure can provide to a community.  

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Source: BURLINGTON, Vt. – November 17, 2023 – Consolidated Communications Vermont Business Magazine