VSC Trustees reaffirm support for transformation, Optimization 2.0

Transformation better meets student needs, grows in-demand programs, strengthens campuses, and charts path to financial viability by Fiscal Year 2027 

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont State College Board of Trustees today Issued the Following Statement at the Conclusion of Today’s Board Meeting Reaffirming Support for Vermont State University Optimization 2.0 and Administrative Optimization Plans:  

“For the first time in recent history, Vermont State University has a smart and actionable plan to right-size course offerings and restructure administrative operations to reflect the needs of a rural, unified university with multiple campus settings. These changes align Vermont State University with peers and set the entire Vermont State Colleges System on a path where financial stability is within reach by Fiscal Year 2027. (You can read the refined Optimization 2.0 Plan here


“The Board of Trustees continues to have confidence in Chancellor Zdatny and her leadership of the system-wide transformation, as well as the leadership team of Vermont State University. We appreciate their continued commitment to the implementation of these well-crafted plans. We applaud this monumental and years long, albeit difficult work by so many across our campuses and beyond. We know this was a tremendous lift that required creative thinking, collaboration, and transparency. We are already seeing and experiencing what is possible when we are unified and more responsive to the needs of students and our rural economy.

“It is time to move forward and focus energy on implementation of the transformation plans and on growing high-demand programs such as nursing, plumbing and electrical apprenticeships, mental health counseling, teaching, advanced manufacturing, aviation and more. These programs are addressing crucial workforce needs and changing the trajectory of the lives of our students. If we work together to build on the solid foundation of the legacy institutions, we will continue to serve our students and our state for years to come.”

VTSU refines Optimization 2.0 program recommendations & buyout plan

Source: 11.13.2023. Montpelier. Vermont State Colleges

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