Vermont Italian Cultural Association accepting scholarship and grant applications

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont Italian Cultural Association (VICA) has announced that its Scholarships and Grants Program, which seeks to promote and preserve Italian heritage and culture in Vermont, began accepting applications starting November 1, 2023. 

The VICA Scholarships and Grants program provides up to $1,500 in funding to three individuals who are seeking to broaden and then share the results of their project which could include exploring the Italian American experience, the Italian experience, Italian language, arts, music, history, and culture. 

The Scholarships and Grants Program is funded through individual donations and a portion of annual fees collected through membership dues.  

These donations help fund the program and support projects that encourage the exploration of Italy’s vast cultural riches.

Past recipients have included Vermonters from around the state, as well as individuals with a connection to Vermont, such as through Vermont colleges and universities.  Those receiving funding have used it to travel to Italy to write poetry, perform and produce operas, and participate in archaeological and agronomic research. Recipients are expected to share their experiences with VICA and the broader community at the conclusion of their project.  Learn more about the recent recipients and their projects on the Vermont Italian Cultural Association website under Programs. 

“The Scholarships and Grants program is an important part of our mission.” said VICA president Lisa DeNatale. “For some recipients, it may be the first opportunity to explore the richness of Italian culture in pursuit of personal interests and passions. For VICA and the community, we can enjoy the wonderful presentations and performances of the recipients.”

Individuals interested in applying should visit the scholarships and grants section, under Programs, on the VICA website at Applications are being accepted through March 1, 2024.

About the Vermont Italian Cultural Association:

The Vermont Italian Cultural Association (VICA) is dedicated to preserving and sharing Italian culture and heritage. It’s open to anyone interested in Italian culture, arts, language, history, and other aspects of Italian civilization. We sponsor a broad range of activities throughout the year including travel talks and presentations, language groups, art and sculpture exhibits, Italian film, opera, luncheons, and bocce socials. To learn more please visit VICA’s website.

Joining VICA

Become a VICA member and support our mission to preserve and promote Italian culture in Vermont.  Basic annual membership levels include: Family $45, Individual $35 and Student $15 (full time college student under 26.)   As a VICA member you will receive news about exclusive VICA-sponsored events as well as information about Italian cultural opportunities in the community. 

Source: Burlington, Vt. – Vermont Italian Cultural Association