Women's outdoor survival classes coming to Vermont

Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Outdoor Guide Association (VOGA) and Doe Camp Nation has announced the return of nationally known survival instructor, MasterClass Wilderness Survival Instructor, Jessie Krebs who will be teaching women's outdoor survival skills for 2 weekends in Monkton, VT in June.

Jessie is a former U.S. Air Force SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training instructor and one of the few female S.E.R.E. specialists who taught military members how to stay alive and return home if they were shot down behind enemy lines. She is also an "Alone" Season 9 participant.

Jessie is the founder & head Instructor of OWLS Skills (www.owlsskills.com), Colorado’s Premier Women’s-only Outdoor School and is highly sought-after as a technical consultant and on-screen survival expert for a number of international survival shows including Science Channel's Hacking The Wild, Fox's Kicking & Screaming, and a participant in National Geographic's "Mygrations" where Jessie became one of only a handful of modern human beings ever to complete a primitive crossing of hundreds of miles of Tanzanian Serengeti on foot following the great wildebeest migration.

Our June 17 class is a Survival Basics Class and is a “crash course” in basic outdoor survival principles is excellent for those who are short on time, yet want to feel more confident in the outdoors.” This is the perfect course for an introduction to core concepts that will help keep you centered and making healthy decisions if things get hairy.

Sheltercraft Class on June 18 teaches that shelters are a primary survival tool with a wide variety of styles and building techniques depending on the environment and resources available. They are a survivors second line of defense behind clothing and equipment, and basic knot craft is a natural pairing with shelters. Building and living/staying in shelters can also be a lot of fun!

The June 24 - 25, Two-Day Navigation Course is designed for beginner to intermediate folks that want a refresher and/or to deepen their skills. If you’re brand new to navigation, this will be a great way to immerse yourself in the concepts and give you a solid starting point for exploring safely! We’ll spend two days delving into all things navigational: scouting technique, styles of compasses and how to use them, map concepts and how to read them including reading topographical maps, how to read/find coordinates, magnetic variation, getting a personalized pace count, route finding principles, making and using a 6 point checklist, night navigation, natural navigation, and tidbits on using various improvised tools to help you move safely through different environments. Dinner will be provided on Saturday night. You may camp out with us on Saturday night or find other accommodations if you prefer.

Jessie explains that "These classes are perfect for women who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you work in the outdoor industry or participate in any of the many activities available in the region. Build skills and confidence in a fun learning atmosphere."

Learn more about these classes and to sign up, visit: https://www.voga.org/survival-doe-camp.html

Source: 5.3.2023. Vermont Outdoor Guide Association (VOGA). Doe Camp Nation Inc. N. Ferrisburgh, VT www.voga.org