Citizens Advisory Panel to host meetings on recycling spent nuclear fuel

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Vermont Business Magazine The Federal Nuclear Waste Policy (FNWP) Committee of the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (VT NDCAP) will hold meetings on June 12th and June 19, 2023.  Both meetings, which will be held on consecutive Mondays, will run from 12:00 Noon to 1:15 PM.  As permitted by ACT 1 of the 2023 Vermont Legislature, these meetings will be conducted solely as webcasts with concurrent teleconferences.  

The following link may be used to join these webcasts:

VT-NDCAP Nuclear Waste Policy Committee 2022-2023 Webcasts

Note that this same weblink was used for FWNP Committee meetings held in late 2022 and on March 6th of this year.  While this weblink will broadcast both the video and audio portions of the webcast, the meeting audio will also be available from the following teleconference connection:

(802) 552-8456 - OR - (802) 828-7228

Conference ID: 340 082 993#

Additional instructions for joining VT NDCAP webcasts are available from the following links:

The June 12th and June 19th FWNP Committee meetings will both discuss potential recycling and reprocessing options for spent nuclear fuel.  

Reprocessing nuclear fuel, a practice long essentially prohibited in the US, is being discussed again as the Department of Energy oversees various research projects in this area, reliance on foreign sources of uranium is reexamined, several existing light water reactors can use reprocessed fuel and some new reactor designs, if implemented, may require it.  

At the June 12th meeting, Dr. Sven Bader, Technical Consultant at Orano Federal Services, will discuss several spent fuel recycling options.  At the June 19th meeting, Dr. Edwin Lyman, Director of Nuclear Power Safety at the Union of Concerned Scientists, will provide additional discussion on spent fuel reprocessing. Professional biographic information on these expert speakers is available at the following links:

Dr. Sven Bader Biography 

Dr. Edwin Lyman Biography

Additional background material for this Committee meeting will be posted to the “Upcoming Committee 

Meetings” section of the FWNP Committee website at: as they become available.   

The June 12th and June 19th FWNP Committee meetings will each run approximately 75 minutes.  While there will be an opportunity for public comments during a designated questions and answer period at both meetings, these periods will be limited to 25 minutes to assure that the day’s expert speaker will have sufficient time for their presentations.  Details of the meeting format are available included in the following meeting agendas:

June 12 Meeting Agenda

June 19 Meeting Agenda

Written questions and comments pertaining to the June 12th and June 19th Committee meetings may be submitted to VT NDCAP’s email address at [email protected].  All emails sent to the Committee become public record and may be published on the VT NDCAP website ( or the Committee’s webpage.

Questions regarding the June 12th and June 19th FNWP Committee meetings or any other VT NDCAP meeting may be directed to State Nuclear Engineer Tony Leshinskie via the contact information noted above.

Source: 6.5.2023. Montpelier, VT – Vermont Department of Public Service