GMP will electrify its truck fleet in a crushing first blow Thursday

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GMP will electrify its truck fleet in a crushing first blow Thursday

Tue, 09/13/2022 - 2:53pm -- tim

Rendering of electric truck. The actual one will be at the event Thursday in Pittsford. Courtesy GMP.

Vermont Business Magazine GMP is scrapping fossil fuel for its field fleet by destroying a fossil fuel truck and replacing it with an all-electric truck in a major step toward electrifying its field fleet to cut costs and carbon. On Thursday the state's largest utility will introduce the new vehicle and destroy one with an internal combustion engine at a "Destroy-a-Truck Event" in Pittsford.

 What: Destroy-a-Truck Event

Join GMP as an old fossil fuel field truck is crushed and destroyed.* The new electric replacement truck will also be there.

(Picture attached of the Class 6 stake-body truck used by electrical maintenance crews).

When: Thursday, September 15, 10:30 a.m.

Where: GHR Recycling, 608 Plains Road, Pittsford, VT  

Why: The leading source of carbon pollution in Vermont is driving with fossil fuel. This new Lion electric truck is the first, with more to come, including an electric bucket truck for line crews. A VW settlement grant from the state of Vermont is covering most of the cost of this transition to clean driving. Together, the two Lion trucks are expected to displace 100 tons of carbon emissions per year, and vehicle-to-grid charging will allow the trucks to send power back to the grid during energy peaks, adding flexibility and reducing costs for all GMP customers.   

*Truck destruction is requirement of a state of Vermont grant to speed the replacement of fossil fuel vehicles with clean electric.