AO Glass open glass blowing demonstration and art show this weekend will blow you away

Vermont Business Magazine The AO Glass factory behind the Speeder & Earl’s building on Pine Street is one of the South End’s best kept secrets. For the 30 Year Anniversary of ArtHop, AO Glass has forged a stronghold of creative expressions in the art of glass, and are opening their doors to a unique one-weekend-only glass art show.

Typically on an average day the factory glass blowers are making things that are dictated by the needs of the lighting companies that AO Glass produces for.

"Within the underneath repetition of our daily production lies a creative core, and at At ArtHop this year, those visions of creativity are made visible and realized. The glass blowers at AO has worked from inspiration more than repetition, and ArtHop allowed them to make finished pieces and present them in a unique one-weekend-gallery." Rich Arentzen, Co-Founder at AO Glass.

"Christy Mitchell, and the SEABA organization, gives us an opportunity to step up and show our community what we can do. By spearheading ArtHop they are rocking the cultures of both artists, businesses, and of our visitor's. They get us to engage, communicate, look, listen, and have fun. And it's all Live, as supposed from on a screen, " says Tove Ohlander, Co-Founder at AO Glass."Our staff engagement has been 100% and we are thrilled about our team of skilled glass blowers. To allow creativity at work is also a way for us to stay interesting as a workplace. The feedback we have gotten from staff is that it's fun to see people have such a good time and expressing the passion they have for glass."

Rich Arentzen continues, "I'm excited to see the enthusiasm staff has for raw creativity, glass blowing experimentation and fun. To challenge themselves to make new pieces that they feel good about, as they dialog with the material from a place of creativity, is an important part of growing at work. And this enthusiasm for personal creativity and skill development will be on full display this weekend as they create unique improvisational art in glass in the hot shop. I'll say it again - prepare to be blown away."

Join AO Glass this Friday 5-10pm and Saturday 10am-10pm for ArtHop weekend; 2 days of live glassblowing, glass art exhibits, a seconds sale and an exclusive raffle. Special guests are Barr Hill, VT Works for Women, and the Burlington High School Girl's Soccer Team.

The AO factory and store is open every Monday-Friday 10-4 and Saturday 10-3. AO Glass is located at 416 Pine St. in Burlington, VT.