AOT Road Construction Report Week of June 27

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AOT Road Construction Report Week of June 27

Sat, 06/25/2022 - 2:03pm -- tim

Vermont Agency of Transportation This weekly report is a list of planned construction activities that will have traffic impacts on state highways throughout Vermont. Most crews will cease work at noon on Friday, July 1st in observance of the Independence Day holiday weekend. Please remember to drive safely in all work zones. Lives depend on it. 


I-89 Brookfield – Montpelier – A resurfacing project continues in the southbound lanes between Exits 5 and 8. Operations will require lane reductions in the vicinity of active construction, with speed reductions to 55 mph when lane closures are in effect.  

I-89 Richmond – A culvert repair project is underway. Motorists will encounter a one-mile-long lane closure in both travel directions just south of Exit 11 as southbound traffic is merged to the northbound lane using a crossover. Please pay attention to signage in the area and merge early. 

I-89 Sharon – A bridge rehabilitation project continues. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction as crossovers are being utilized. Motorists - be aware of a work zone speed reduction. 

I-89 White River Junction – Our partners at NHDOT are working on a multi-year bridge replacement project on I-89 over the Connecticut River. Motorists should expect lane and speed reductions over the bridge. 

I-91 Bradford – Northbound and southbound lane closures have been implemented on I-91 near Exit 16 for preventative maintenance repair to bridges. A speed limit reduction to 55 mph through the work zone is in place. 

I-91 Fairlee – St. Johnsbury – Motorists will encounter shifting traffic patterns through multiple construction zones for bridge repairs. Interstate travel will continue to be reduced to one lane in both directions with speed limit and lane width restrictions in effect. 

I-91 Lyndon – Barton – A resurfacing project continues. Travelers will see daily lane closures between Exits 23 - 25 during daytime construction hours (6 a.m. - 7 p.m.). Speed is reduced to 55 mph in the work zone. Motorist should expect uneven lanes. 

I-91 Ryegate – St. Johnsbury – A northbound resurfacing project is underway. There will be a single lane closure with minimal traffic delays for paving and shoulder work. 

I-91 Weathersfield – A bridge deck replacement project continues at Exit 8. Lane and speed reductions are in effect as southbound traffic is merged to the northbound bridge using a crossover. Expect intermittent periods of flagged traffic along VT 131 under the bridge. 

I-91 Westminster – A bridge deck replacement project over VT 121 is underway with daily left lane closures on I-91 in both travel directions. A speed reduction to 55 mph will be enforced when lane closures are in effect.  

Around the State  

Burlington – A paving project is underway along U.S. 2/Main Street from South Willard St. to I-89, and along North Willard St. to the intersection with Riverside Ave. Nighttime work hours are 7 p.m. – 6 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. Motorists should expect one-way alternating traffic during nighttime operations. Parking restrictions are in place along North and South Willard St. Vehicles left in restricted areas will be towed. 

Burlington, Shelburne Street Roundabout – U.S. 7/Shelburne St. between Locust and Marian St. is reduced to one lane with one-way southbound traffic 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for the next two weeks. Northbound motorists will be detoured to South Willard St. and Howard St. Ledge Rd. will continue to be closed to traffic at its intersection with Shelburne St. 

Detour routes will remain in place for motorists traveling along U.S. 7/Shelburne St. between Flynn Ave. and Howard St. diverting traffic along Howard St., Pine St., and Flynn Ave. to avoid delays and stoppages. Shelburne St. will remain open to local traffic. 

Calais – Multiple bridge replacement projects are underway along VT 14 beginning approx. 7.6 miles north of its intersection with U.S. 2. Motorists should expect speed reductions and alternating one-way traffic controlled by flaggers during the day and a temporary signal at each bridge during non-work hours. 

Chester – A bridge deck replacement project is underway on VT 103 just south of Smokeshire Rd. Speed and lane width reductions throughout the project area. VT 103 Bridge #16 is closed through October 2022. Traffic will be maintained on a temporary bridge. 

Chester – Springfield – A roadway project is underway on VT 11 between VT 103 in Chester and VT 106 in Springfield. Expect one-way alternating traffic at multiple points along this route, with moderate delays in the vicinity of paving operations. Please add extra time to travel plans.  

Essex Junction – A series of rail replacements begins in connection with the local Crescent Connector project. VT 15 (Main Street) is closed at the rail crossing location just northeast of the Five Corners intersection until Tuesday, 06/28 at 7 a.m. Trucks will be detoured along VT 289, while all other traffic will follow a local signed detour.  

Fair Haven – Orwell – Motorists should expect alternating one-way traffic along VT 22A as crews continue milling operations and then begin shim paving in Orwell. Crews will work from Orwell and progress south towards Fair Haven. 

Hardwick – A paving project is underway on VT 14 and VT 15. Motorists should expect lane closures with alternating one-way traffic along both roadways between 6:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. On Monday and Tuesday, motorists should expect lane closures with alternating one-way traffic during the overnight on VT 15 between Elm St. and Glenside Ave. 

Hartford – Motorists should expect some delays near the intersection of U.S. Routes 4/5 and VT 14 and the intersection of Bridge St. and Pine St. as crews continue signal work and remove old overhead sign structures.  

Highgate Spring – A resurfacing project is underway along U.S. 7. Motorists will encounter traffic control and some delays as crews work on paving activities. 

Johnson  Morristown – There will be multiple traffic control packages with single-lane closures and alternating one-way traffic on VT 15 in Johnson as crews conduct ditching activities and shoulder cleanup throughout the project limits. Signal work will be conducted at the intersection of VT 15 and Historic VT 100, and Historic VT 100 and Northgate Plaza.   

Montpelier – Several railroad crossing projects are underway. Motorists should drive with caution as crews mobilize and place construction signage at rail crossings along U.S. 2 between Gallison Hill Rd. and the traffic circle, and on Pioneer St. off U.S. 2. 

Montpelier – Berlin – A bridge deck replacement project continues along U.S. 2 over the Winooski River at the Montpelier-Berlin town line. Traffic will now be directed over a temporary bridge. Motorists may encounter periods of one-way alternating traffic as crews remove the existing bridge. 

Montgomery – A set of bridge deck replacements continues along VT 118. Motorists will encounter one-way alternating traffic controlled by flaggers during the day and temporary traffic signals during off-hours between West Hill Rd. and Bank St. 

Newfane – The Depot Rd. Arch Bridge over Rock River is closed through Fall 2022. Traffic will be rerouted from the north via Grimes Hill Rd. and from the south via VT 30. Through traffic is not permitted. Grimes Hill Rd. and Dover Rd. (at the intersection with Depot Rd.) are reduced to one lane with signals for the duration of the closure.  

North Hero – Grand Isle – Drawbridge construction continues along U.S. 2. A speed reduction remains in place. Mariners: The seasonal operating schedule for the drawbridge is in effect.    

Pittsford – Motorist should see little to no impact along U.S. 7 this week as a roadway project wraps up. 

Plymouth – Bridgewater – A paving project continues along VT 100. Contractors will work on milling operations, excavation, surface preparation, and continue installing guardrail, resulting in one-way alternating traffic controlled by flaggers in multiple locations. Work will occur from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday and Monday - Friday. 

Richford – A bridge replacement project is underway along VT 105 approx. one mile south of its intersection with Main St. and River St. Motorists should see little impact to traffic. 

Richmond – Bolton – A resurfacing project continues along U.S. 2. Motorists will encounter areas of one-way alternating traffic as crews work on sign installation, ledge removal, and underdrain installation. 

Ripton – A streambank stabilization project continues on VT 125. Lane closures regulated by temporary traffic signals are in operation at two locations within the project area. Delays will result. Lane restrictions of 10-feet wide are in effect within the closure areas. 

South Hero – An intersection improvement project is underway at U.S. 2 and VT 314. Traffic will continue to be shifted slightly to the west along U.S. 2 between VT 314 and 510 U.S. 2, allowing for two lanes of traffic to be maintained. 

Stockbridge – A slope stabilization project continues along VT 107 between its intersections with Stony Brook Rd. and Mt. Hunger Rd. Motorists can expect one-way alternating traffic in the project area. 

Weathersfield – A roadway resurfacing project continues along VT 131. Motorists can expect alternating one-way traffic directed by flaggers as crews install centerline rumble strips.  

Williston Intersection Projects – Motorists will encounter lane shifts near the intersection of U.S. 2 and Industrial Ave. for an intersection improvement project. Expect periodic traffic control on Industrial Ave. from U.S. 2 to Avenue A, with one lane of alternating traffic on U.S. 2 from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Tuesday – Thursday. 

Industrial Ave. will be closed from its intersection with U.S. 2 to the north side of Avenue A from 7 p.m. – 6 a.m., Monday – Thursday. A signed detour will utilize VT 2A northbound, back to Industrial Ave. All motorists on VT 2A will still be able to access Industrial Ave up to and including Avenue B, otherwise will follow the signed detour to U.S. 2. 

Travelers can also expect a lane closure on VT 2A throughout the week between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. from Hurricane Ln. to Taft Corner for a separate intersection project. 

Williston Culvert Project – A culvert replacement project continues along VT 2A between Helena Dr. and the Paul St./Zephyr Rd. intersection. VT 2A will be reduced to one-way alternating traffic at the project location on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

Williston Park and Ride – Construction of a new park and ride facility along VT 2A near the I-89 Exit 12 interchange is underway. Alternating traffic on VT 2A will be in effect throughout the week between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Wilmington – Brattleboro – A resurfacing project continues on VT 9. Motorists can expect alternating one-way traffic in Marlboro and Brattleboro as crews conduct roadway excavation, conduct fine-grading activities, and continue the second reclamation pass. 

Winooski – A roadway project continues along East Allen St./VT 15. Motorists should expect one-way alternating traffic during nighttime operations, 7 p.m. – 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. 

Woodford – A ledge stabilization project is underway on VT 9. Intermittent traffic holds throughout the week, including a 15-minute hold midweek between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. for blasting operations. Longer delays may occur. Eastbound traffic is reduced to one lane; a lane shift for westbound traffic will be in place through November. Motorists: please lower speeds when coming down the hill into the project area. A speed reduction to 35 mph is in place.