Governor Howard Dean endorses Brenda Siegel for governor

Vermont Business Magazine Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has endorsed Brenda Siegel to be Vermont’s next governor. Incumbent Republican Governor Phil Scott announced in May that he would seek a fourth term.

“I am pleased to endorse Brenda Siegel for Governor. Brenda is deeply committed to the needs of Vermonters and has a comprehensive understanding of what must be done to move Vermont forward. Brenda will meaningfully address the housing shortage, the overdose crisis and will support and strengthen our education system. She also will stand firm in her support of the Vermont State Employees and teachers.” said Governor Dean. “Brenda has the right experience to effectively lead for all Vermonters, including those who have been left behind on issues like housing, education, and health care. She successfully garnered support from Democrats, Republicans and Progressives alike for a bill that allowed Vermonters with substance use disorder to choose the life saving medication buprenorphine over heroin. She also gained wide support in the legislature and across the state for better tools for Vermonters who had lost their homes as the pandemic took its toll. I am proud to support Brenda Siegel to be Vermont’s next Governor"

Governor Dean was a democratic candidate for President in 2004 and served six terms as Vermont’s Governor from 1991 to 2003. Dean went on to serve as Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Today, he remains an influential figure in national and international politics and serves on the Board of the National Democratic Institute.

“Governor Dean has been a strong leader for Vermont and our country. He understands the need to reach Vermonters in all corners of our state and support working families.” Siegel said. “He was a leader on Civil Unions, paving the way for Marriage Equality and showing how our small state can lead a wave of change across the country when we have the courage to do what is right. Governor Dean knows how important it is to be steadfast in supporting state employees, teachers and all Vermonters. He is such an important leader in the fabric of Vermont and our nation. I am proud to have earned the support of Governor Dean”

Brenda Siegel is a housing and drug policy advocate, small business owner and founded a large ongoing project in response to Tropical Storm Irene to help rebuild the local economy. She teaches leadership, civic engagement and social justice in schools. She is Chair of the Newfane Democratic Committee and Delegate to the Windham County Committee. Siegel began her political work as an intern for Bernie Sanders in Washington D.C. in 2001. She sits on the State of Vermont’s Public Transit Advisory Commission as well as DCF's General Assistance Program Working Group.

If elected this November, Siegel would be the second woman in Vermont’s history and the first openly LGBTQ person to serve as Governor of Vermont. More information about Siegel’s campaign for Governor can be found at

6.6.2022. Burlington, VT—Siegel Campaign