Leahy sends CHIPS bill to president to sign

Senator Patrick Leahy,, As Senate President Pro Tempore, Signs Landmark Semiconductor And Science Bill, Sending To The President The Bill That Funds The CHIPS Act And Providing Funding For Enhancement Of Domestic Production Of Semiconductors, And Supports Vital Scientific Initiatives

Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, and President Pro Tem of the Senate, said: “Today I was pleased to make my first official act on returning to the Capitol my signing of the CHIPS + Science bill.” His signature, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.), are requisite before congressionally passed bills can be sent to the President’s desk for his signature.

“As I signed, I thought of all the amazing Vermonters who I have met over the years who work hard in designing and producing the semiconductor chips that have transformed our lives and economy. This new law will set up a new generation of investments for a new generation of advances, from ever more specialized and capable chips, to the chips that make the networking of everything from advanced fighter jets, to smart phones, to self-driving military vehicles, to refrigerators possible. But the real transformative power is not what these chips we have today can do, but what can be envisioned into being by the empowered and innovative people who design and make them. That is why we are investing $52 billion, to make sure that they have the world-class industrial capabilities to make their ideas possible. And I am so proud that Vermont is now on deck to continue our leadership in making these advancements.”

Leahy Tweet: "The CHIPS + Science Act now just needs President Biden’s signature to become law. Speaker Pelosi, and I, as President Pro Tem, gave our requisite signatures today before sending the bill to the President’s desk. A big win for #Vermont."