Vermont Farm Show Board cancels the 2023 show

Committee will work to ensure future shows meet the needs and expectations of 21st Century agriculture

Vermont Business Magazine Due to circumstances related to and created by the coronavirus pandemic, the Board of Trustees of the Vermont Farm Show, Inc., is cancelling the 2023 show and assessing how to ensure the event successfully serves the state’s agricultural interests in the years to come.

In a recent meeting, the Board unanimously agreed that the Vermont Farm Show should return in 2024, after a period of critique, evaluation and review to ensure the event evolves with current needs and wants of the Vermont agriculture community in the 21st century. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) will coordinate a focus group with agricultural sector stakeholders to help meet this goal.

Since 1930, the purpose of the non-profit Vermont Farm Show and its Board of Trustees has been to promote Vermont agriculture through meetings of agricultural associations, farming industry displays, exhibits, and demonstrations of innovative methods to grow food in ways that benefit the farmer, the environment, our communities and society. Today, more than 90 years later, those objectives may be attained in vastly different ways than when the Show first brought people together.

“Agriculture in Vermont is changing rapidly, and the Vermont Farm Show needs to change, too, to better meet the needs of the agricultural community with the resources available,” reflected Glenn Rogers, who served several years as a floor manager of the Vermont Farm Show and as past secretary and current treasurer on the Board of Trustees.

After holding the 2020 Show in January of that year, just prior to the beginning of the pandemic, the 2021 and 2022 shows were both cancelled due to ongoing health and safety concerns with COVID-19. “We want to recognize both Board President Dave Martin and Glenn Rogers for their work to hold those shows during the pandemic despite having to cancel. We are grateful for their long service and commitment to the Vermont Farm Show,” said Vermont Farm Show Vice-President Kyla Bedard.

The Trustees of the Vermont Farm Show are looking for new Board members to help manage future Farm Shows and contribute to the mission to reimagine the Show. “The Board is committed to using this time to create the best experience for all Vermonters and our agriculture community. We also want to use this opportunity to grow our Board and invite anyone interested in envisioning the 2024 Farm Show to join us,” said Bedard. Per Board bylaws, Dave Martin has stepped down as President after a 3-year term.

“The Board also will use this time as an opportunity to find someone who is passionate about Vermont agriculture in the 21st century to lead us through this time of transition,” said Rogers. The Trustees are open to finding ways for the Vermont Farm Show to connect with new audiences, such as consumers, food-enthusiasts and all types of Vermont farmers.

Bedard offered, “We hope that with the support of a coalition of partners the Vermont Farm Show will return in 2024, re-envisioned and revitalized to better serve our Vermont agricultural community and provide connections and education for consumers.”

Please contact Kyla Bedard if you’re interested in joining the Vermont Farm Show Executive Board or Board of Trustees.