Vermont Talent Pipeline releases new nursing demand report

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Vermont Talent Pipeline releases new nursing demand report

Thu, 01/20/2022 - 4:41pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine This month, the Vermont Talent Pipeline released a hiring forecast report for careers in Vermont nursing. Vermont Talent Pipeline Management (VTPM) is an initiative of the Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research and Education Foundation. In the report, 43 Vermont healthcare providers participated in a collaborative effort to build a talent pipeline for the critical frontline roles in nursing.

Aggregate nurse hiring data and summary information was collected from all Vermont hospitals, 8 home health providers, 17 long-term care facilities, and 1 outpatient clinic, who forecasted hiring needs and job requirements for the period of September 2021- September 2023.  The following critical roles were identified:

  1. Licensed Nurse Assistant 
  2. Mental Health Technician 
  3. Certified Medical Assistant 
  4. Licensed Practical Nurse 
  5. Registered Nurse 
  6. Clinical Nurse Educator 
  7. Nurse Practitioner 

The results indicate over 6,200 vacancies projected by healthcare employers. Almost half of the of which are Registered Nurses; and one quarter, for Licensed Nurse Assistants. 30% of the forecast are new jobs, from industry growth relating to the pandemic, and coupled with an aging population.

Regional Demand

Overcoming the shortage will rely partly on the expansion and access to nursing education and available clinical instruction.

The Vermont Talent Pipeline’s Nursing Needs Assessment Summary for 2021-2023 is produced to inform education providers who develop, align and scale training programs; policy makers who support legislation and funding; and to inform the labor force about high-demand well-paying career opportunities. To read the report, please follow the link to the Vermont Talent Pipeline Website:

Vermont Business Roundtable. South Burlington, VT 1.20.2022