Condos: New pathway to licensure for Vermonters trained outside US

Vermont Business Magazine Today Secretary of State Jim Condos announced the Office of Professional Regulation’s (OPR) adoption of Foreign Credentialing Rules which create a pathway for foreign-trained individuals to become licensed in their field in Vermont. The new rules became effective November 19th, and come in response to an identified barrier to licensure faced by many New Americans and refugees.

“The foreign credentialing process is a more efficient way of getting qualified professionals with foreign experience into the Vermont workforce, while maintaining public protection” said Secretary of State Jim Condos. “This new process aligns with our office’s broader goal of reducing unnecessary barriers to occupational licensing. Expediting the verification of licensure requirements is important in supporting Vermont’s workforce, and in these unprecedented times it is essential in helping to resolve the significant shortages that we are currently seeing in nursing and other healthcare professions.”

Through the new process, individuals who obtained their professional license or experience outside the US will get a determination of equivalency from an external credential evaluation service.

If the evaluation determines the person’s foreign work experience, education, training, and exams are equivalent to what is required for a Vermont license, a report goes directly to OPR who notifies the applicant to apply for endorsement.

Licensure by endorsement is a streamlined path to licensure in lieu of the traditional licensing path, which can be more time-consuming and costly and often includes formal education, training, and examinations which the foreign trained applicant may already have.

“We recognize the location of one’s past professional experience alone should not be a barrier to licensure in our state,” said OPR Director Lauren Hibbert. “Although OPR is not resourced to evaluate foreign educational and training programs for each of the 50 professions regulated by our Office, we are confident this process of utilizing third-party evaluators will make it easier and more efficient for New Americans, refugees, and other individuals with experience outside of the U.S. to work in their chosen field in Vermont.”

The Foreign Credentialing Rules were authorized by 3 V.S.A.§ 127, a law enacted in 2019. More information can be found on OPR’s website:

About the Office of Professional Regulation: OPR, a Division of the Secretary of State’s Office, administers 50 professional licensing programs and issues approximately 80,000 credentials to individuals doing business and living in Vermont. OPR verifies applicants are qualified for licensure, sets standards for professions by proposing statutes and adopting administrative rules, and investigates complaints of unprofessional conduct, taking disciplinary action when necessary. More information can be found at

Source: 1.19.2022. Montpelier, VT – Secretary of State