Floodplain restoration underway in Clarendon

Vermont Business Magazine Through support from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District (RNRCD) and Town of Clarendon are implementing a floodplain restoration project on the Cold River. The project is funded by the Clean Water Fund Grant Program with matching funds from the town.

The restoration project includes the removal of a pile of dredged river sediment and the permanent conservation of an adjacent floodplain. Berm removal and conservation will improve and maintain floodplain function thus address sediment and nutrient loading in the Cold River in Clarendon, reduce flood heights and velocities, and provide storage of sediment within the floodplain.

Through a bidding process the RNRCD hired a contractor to remove the sediment that is scheduled to begin on August 1, 2022. The berm is located east of Middle Road and the removal will restore floodwater storage on 10 acres of forested floodplain areas on the north banks of the Cold River.

As part of the project, the Vermont River Conservancy obtained River Corridor Easements (RCE) on the 10 acres of forested floodplain located on two properties. The RCE is a permanent conservation tool to compensate landowners for allowing their land to flood and provide for needed river functions.

Clean water funds are made available to Vermont municipalities, local or regional governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens groups. Clean water projects protect public health and safety, support Clean Water Act compliance, increase flood resilience, enhance recreation, improve fish and wildlife habitat, save money over the long-term, and leverage federal funds.

For more information on the related programs see:

Clean Water Incentive Program: https://dec.vermont.gov/water-investment/cwi/board

Rutland NRCD: https://www.vacd.org/conservation-districts/rutland/

DEC Rivers Restoration Program: https://dec.vermont.gov/watershed/rivers/river-corridor-and-floodplain-protection/restoration

Rutland, VT, August 2, 2022 – Vermont Agency of Natural Resources