Vermont Harley dealership builds nation’s first electric law enforcement motorcycle

Wilkins Harley-Davidson builds custom LiveWire Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the New York City Police Department, Marquette University and Penn State University.

Vermont Business Magazine Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre has been collaborating with Harley-Davidson engineers to build an electric motorcycle for law enforcement use. Recognizing the expertise of their technicians, the legendary Harley-Davidson Motor Company has entrusted the development of this specialized machine with the Master Technicians at Wilkins Harley-Davidson.

Wilkins was chosen based on its experience in building the nation’s first law enforcement electric LiveWire motorcycle for the Vermont Department of Motor vehicles.

This Law Enforcement LiveWire will be leaving Vermont in late April to begin a rotation at different law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD.

The bikes, built on the “LiveWire” platform, feature state of the art appointments like LED lighting, police sirens, and protection bars. These specialized motorcycles will provide law enforcement with an unparalleled tool.

“The challenge in building the Vermont DMV bike, along with the second iteration, was that there was no playbook to utilize in wiring, brackets, or other aspects of this machine. We are thankful we have such talented technicians at Wilkins to research the solutions in building this bike.” John Lyon, Co-Owner of Wilkins Harley-Davidson said. The LiveWire is Harley-Davidson’s first foray into an all-electric motorcycle.

Critically acclaimed, the LiveWire offers a very progressive riding experience that has captured the attention of motorcyclists everywhere. This gearless, clutch free “machine of the future” simultaneously delivers unprecedented performance, energy efficiency, and utility. It can be charged utilizing standard household charges, but also is equipped to charge using Level 3, DC Fast chargers around the country.

HD Master Technician and Electric Vehicle Certified Technician, Dan Stevens, oversaw the project. He is assisted by a second Master Technician and custom fabricator, Roscoe Allen, who is modifying the LiveWire to accommodate the special features such as saddlebags and tour pack. The motorcycles will be complete and ready for service in May.

“We are excited to have been trusted by Harley-Davidson with the task of creating a law enforcement motorcycle. Our respect for the work that these people do is boundless. Providing them with a tool that helps them do their important work more efficiently is truly an honor.” – Dan Stevens Master Technician

Since 1947,Wilkins Harley-Davidson is one of the most award-winning dealerships in the country. They have won the prestigious Bar and Shield Award over a dozen times, including the Platinum Bar and Shield (Top6 Harley Dealers Nationwide).

Presented by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, this award is given to dealers based on motorcycle and related product sales performance, customer service and satisfaction, and operational measures. Bar & Shield award recipients like Wilkins, consistently elevate the brand by providing their customers with exceptional and authentic Harley-Davidson experiences.

April 11, 2022. Wilkins Harley-Davidson, Barre