Local waste haulers respond to consolidated collection proposal in Burlington

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Local waste haulers respond to consolidated collection proposal in Burlington

Tue, 09/07/2021 - 4:42pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Burlington City Council plans to vote on consolidated waste collection this coming Monday, September 13th. Local waste haulers will be holding a public press event at 220 Flynn Avenue in Burlington (near the World’s Highest Filing Cabinet) tomorrow Wednesday, September 8th at 1PM to draw attention to this rushed decision.

Joe Trask, Duffy’s Waste and Recycling, said in response to the planned vote: “I am shocked that the City Council plans to vote Monday on a consolidated waste collection plan that was put together without involving local haulers. If this proposal moves forward, it will hurt local businesses and eliminate jobs for blue-collar workers. It feels like we are expendable, and the City Council doesn’t care.”

The resolution that is expected to be on Monday’s City Council agenda, if approved, will advance a municipal collection system whereby the Department of Public Works will begin to collect waste, recycling, and compost.  This system would eliminate citizen’s ability to choose their hauler. The project will cost upwards of $6 million in taxpayer dollars and threatens local businesses that have served the city for generations. It will also require the construction of a waste management facility, likely in the Flynn Avenue area.

While the City claims the program will maximize environmental and economic efficiencies, local industry experts are not so sure.  

Mike Casella, Casella Waste, said, “Local haulers share in many of the intended goals of these proposals, especially improving efficiencies, caring for the environment, and providing affordable service to Burlington customers. We have been leading these efforts for years. We know the local industry and the needs of customers better than any consultants can and we are deeply concerned with what is being proposed.”

Ryan Myers, Myers Container Services, said, “Our company has made long term investments in the recycling infrastructure of Burlington, including our construction and demolition recycling facility.  We hope the city will recognize the commitments local haulers have made to helping the city meet their recycling goals and will continue to work with us rather than against us.”

Jane Gauthier, Gauthier Trucking Co said, “In hopes to draw attention to this issue, local haulers will be holding a public media event tomorrow at 1PM to demonstrate to the public what the City Council plans to do this coming Monday. As local haulers with generations of experience working in Burlington and serving its community members, we have not been meaningfully included in these discussions and we deserve to be heard.”  

To learn more about consolidated collection visit: protectlocalhaulers.com

Source: Casella. Burlington, VT (September 7th, 2021)