Employee Owners of Vermont raise $30,000 for Vermont Foodbank

Vermont Business Magazine In celebration of Employee Ownership Month, the Employee Owners of Vermont, an active group of local employee-owned companies, successfully carried out its fourth annual fundraiser for the Vermont Foodbank in October. Collectively, the group raised $29,923, providing approximately 50,000 meals for kids, seniors, and families who don’t have enough to eat on a regular basis.

“We are grateful to the Employee Owners of Vermont for coming together to provide nutritious food for neighbors across Vermont,” said John Sayles, CEO of the Vermont Foodbank. “This effort shows that by working together, we can make a difference for people across Vermont who are experiencing food insecurity.”

The participating companies--Vermont Information Processing, VHV Company, PC Construction, Stone Environmental, Hallam-ICS, 89 North, King Arthur Baking Company, Birdseye, Chelsea Green Publishing, Switchback Brewing Company, and PT360--set the target of raising $25,000 for the foodbank this year. Some participating companies also collected nonperishable food items at their places of business.

Employee Owners of Vermont was formed in September 2018 out of a wish to work together and benefit Vermont communities. In its first Foodbank Fundraiser that October, the group of employee owners raised $17,800 for Vermont Foodbank. The group has collaborated on a variety of community service projects and events in its first four years, but it’s primary focus has been hunger relief.

In an online statement, a VHV Company representative celebrated the group’s fundraising achievements this year: “Our expectations are smashed and we're beyond excited to see this money go to Vermonters who need it. Many Vermonters who have never accepted food assistance have found themselves in need due to the pandemic. The money we raised as a group will help make ends meet for other Vermonters.”

“I know that this year continues to be challenging for all of us,” Sayles said to the group of organizers and companies. “And yet, no matter what you may be going through, you’ve been stepping up to care for your neighbors. That’s inspiring. Thank you for being part of a community of people who are committed to making sure everyone in Vermont has the nourishment they need—and that no one goes hungry.”

Source: Burlington, Vermont, November 15, 2021 -- Vermont Employee Ownership Center veoc.org