VDH COVID-19 Update: Vermont leads nation in vaccinations, but could be better

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VDH COVID-19 Update: Vermont leads nation in vaccinations, but could be better

Tue, 05/04/2021 - 6:07pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine As Vermont strives to meet its June 1 goals and reopen the state by the Fourth of July, the state is seeing a slower uptake of vaccine by residents in their 20s. Therefore, the state continues its efforts to make getting vaccinated as easy as possible -- with clinics, drive-throughs, walk-ins and other opportunities at colleges and communities throughout the state. The state will employ the three speedways in Vermont, at Bear Ridge, Thunder Road and Devil's Bowl for that purpose. Meanwhile, cases remained low at 34 today and there were no new deaths, which are holding at 248 statewide.

COVID-19 Daily Update

May 4, 2021

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Encourage anyone who’s not yet vaccinated to get their shot, Dr. Levine urges

Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD, encouraged anyone who has not yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine to join the more than 350,000 Vermonters who have been vaccinated so far.

“Especially younger Vermonters who waited patiently as we first protected those who were older and high risk, I want you to know: it’s your turn now. Your shot is waiting for you,” Dr. Levine said.

Even people who are already vaccinated have a role to play, by helping others along their path to vaccination. That could mean finding their own personal reason to get vaccinated, or literally, by giving them a ride to a clinic, he said.

“So, if you haven’t yet, I ask you now to reach out to someone in your life, especially if they are younger, who may not be vaccinated, whether you’re a parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle, or a friend,” Dr. Levine said. “Share your own experience and see what you might be able to do to help. Your influence likely means more than you know.”

Meanwhile, Vermont continues its efforts make getting vaccinated as easy as possible -- with clinics, drive-throughs, walk-ins and other opportunities at colleges and communities throughout the state.

“No matter what – there will be an option for everyone,” Dr. Levine added. “Vermonters have already told us that they are willing to get vaccinated. And Vermont’s standing as a leader in getting people vaccinated proves this to be true. We just need to help get those who are currently unvaccinated to the finish line faster.”

Watch our @healthvermont social media feeds or check our website for additional opportunities near you or near someone you know! Then, share away! Thanks for helping spread the word.

Vaccine appointments are also available across the state for all Vermonters 16 and older, so if you haven’t yet made yours, sign up today! If you later book a vaccination that’s more convenient for you, please be sure to cancel the original appointment.

Visit healthvermont.gov/MyVaccine to make an appointment through the state registration system or a pharmacy. If you can’t make an appointment online or need help, contact the call center at 855-722-7878.

Walk-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics start today in Essex Junction

Regular walk-in clinic opportunities in Essex Junction start today! Get a vaccine without an appointment: Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Essex Fairgrounds, 105 Pearl Street, Essex Junction. There are 150 total spots each day for dose one of the Pfizer vaccine.

Vermont now has new outdoor mask and gathering requirements

As of May 1, when you are outdoors, masks are only required when you’re in a crowd or with multiple households where you can’t keep a 6-foot distance from others. Masks are still required in indoor public spaces. This guidance applies whether you are vaccinated or not.

Get more details about mask requirements in our FAQ.

As May 1, there are also new limits on gatherings, including social gatherings at a private residence and events at a venue. For indoor gatherings, there can be one unvaccinated person per 100 square feet up to 150 unvaccinated people (whichever is less), plus any number of fully vaccinated people. For outdoor gatherings, there can be 300 unvaccinated people, plus any number of fully vaccinated people.

Get more details about gatherings in our FAQ.

Whether you traveled or have symptoms, COVID-19 testing is available

Remember, if you are unvaccinated (including children) and traveled outside the state, you must have a COVID-19 test within 3 days of returning to Vermont. For more details, visit our website.

And if you have any symptom, no matter how mild, such as a headache, cough, fatigue or a runny nose, it’s best to get tested. It’s also important to avoid going to work, school or other places until you receive a negative result. COVID-19 is a highly transmissible virus, and this is how we can each protect our loved ones and our communities.

If you have symptoms, talk to your health care provider. They can refer you for testing.

Even if you don’t have symptoms, you can still have COVID-19 and not feel sick. If you don’t have symptoms and want to get tested, there are many test sites now available around the state. It’s free and easy!

COVID-19 Activity in Vermont

As of 12 p.m. on May 4, 2021

Data is updated daily.





New cases



(23,191 total)


Currently hospitalized




Hospitalized in ICU




Hospitalized under investigation




Percent Positive (7-day average)




People tested




Total tests




Total people recovered








Find more data on COVID-19 Activity athealthvermont.gov/currentactivity.

COVID-19 Vaccine Data

As of 12 p.m. on May 4, 2021

Data is updated Tuesdays through Saturdays.





Total people who have received least one dose of vaccine


(64.3% of 16+ population)


Total people who have completed vaccination


(45.3% of 16+ population)


Find more vaccine data on the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard: healthvermont.gov/covid19-vaccine-data.

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