Condos and Hibbert applaud enactment of nursing licensure bill

Vermont Business Magazine Following yesterday’s enactment of S.48, which will protect public safety while removing barriers to licensure for qualified nurses wishing to practice in Vermont, Secretary of State Jim Condos and Office of Professional Regulation Director Lauren Hibbert applauded the Legislature and the Governor for their support and passage of the Nursing Licensure Compact bill.

“Since taking office it has been my mission to cut unnecessary red tape for qualified professionals who wish to practice in the Green Mountain State, without sacrificing the mission of our Office of Professional Regulation: protecting the public,” said Condos. “The passage and enactment of S.48, The Nursing Licensure Compact bill, will ensure that qualified nurses from other states in the compact do not have to jump through hoops to practice in Vermont. COVID-19 showed how important it is to be able to quickly and efficiently license those qualified to care for Vermont patients in times of need.”

The Office of Professional Regulation is a division of the Vermont Secretary of State’s office, which licenses and regulates nurses and nursing professions, with a focus on ensuring public safety and protection.

S.48 will join Vermont in the Nursing Licensure Compact, a cohort of 35 member states enabling qualified nurses licensed by one state in the compact to practice in the other states without having to obtain a new license each time the nurse crosses state lines.

“S.48 ensures quality care for Vermonters, while providing mobility to Vermont nurses and nurses across the nation who wish to practice in the Green Mountain State,” said Lauren Hibbert. “Our mission at the Office of Professional Regulation is to ensure the public’s safety and protect Vermonters from professional misconduct, while making sure that qualified professionals who want to practice in Vermont do not face burdensome barriers to licensure. The compact, and this bill, embody that mission.”

Secretary Condos and Director Hibbert would both like to thank legislators, the Governor, the Board of Nursing, Vermont professional nursing organizations and nursing leaders for their involvement and endorsement of this important achievement.

Source: 6.8.2021 Montpelier, VT –