Vermont State Police sergeant Lucas Hall resigns

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Vermont State Police sergeant Lucas Hall resigns

Wed, 01/13/2021 - 1:30pm -- tim

Statement of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling regarding Lucas Hall

Department of Public Safety (January 13, 2021) Late last evening, prior to the anticipated conclusion of the investigation into his conduct related to the Capitol insurrection, Lucas Hall resigned his position. His unconditional resignation was immediately accepted. The details of the investigation will be forwarded to the Vermont Criminal Justice Council pursuant to Act 56 for consideration of sanctions, including decertification.

Prior Detail - January 7, 2021

Statement of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling regarding Sergeant Lucas Hall.

This morning the Vermont State Police received a report of personal, off duty, social media posts by Lucas Hall of the Shaftsbury barracks. These posts appear to support the criminal insurgency that occurred yesterday at the U.S. Capitol and to advocate for such insurgency to continue. While we recognize the rights of all people including sworn law enforcement officers to express their views, advocating for the overthrow of the constitutionally defined democratic election process by force or violence violates our oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

After being initially briefed by Colonel Birmingham, I immediately opened an internal investigation suspended Hall without pay while we swiftly explored what further lawful personnel actions were immediately available. We anticipate that our internal investigation will be completed within a few days and will update the public as soon as possible.

These actions, if true, have caused pain and anguish on the part of Vermonters during an already indescribably stressful time in our national history and for that we are saddened and sorry.

It is important to state in the strongest terms that these posts are in no way reflective of the beliefs and values of the Vermont State Police or its dedicated troopers and staff, who work each and every day to uphold the constitution and the rule of law.

Statement from State Police Advisory Commission

The State Police Advisory Commission (“SPAC”) is a statutorily created body appointed by the Governor. SPAC is made up of independent Vermont citizens who have no connection to the Vermont State Police. One of the duties of SPAC is to provide advice and counsel to the Commissioner of Public Safety regarding internal investigations and discipline. In that role, SPAC has been fully briefed and consulted regarding the internal investigations being conducted into Vermont State Police Sergeant Luke Hall’s posting of statements supportive of the January 6, 2021, riots in Washington. SPAC commends Commissioner Schirling, Colonel Birmingham and Director of Internal Affairs Lieutenant Robert McKenna for their swift action in this matter and their commitment to ensuring a just and appropriate outcome.

Nancy Goss Sheahan, Chair

Glenn Boyd, Vice Chair

Allison Crowley DeMag

Mary Alice McKenzie

Shirley Jefferson

John Filipek

Patti Pallito