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Chittenden County forest news

Thu, 08/05/2021 - 9:05am -- katie

Chittenden County Forest News by Ethan Tapper Hi all, I was pleased to be able to showcase some of the work we've done at the Hinesburg Town Forest on WCAX's "Wildlife Watch" segment. You can watch the segment here and learn more about past and upcoming projects at the HTF at the links below.
Some of the technology and tools that we developed out of necessity over the last year are sticking around. Like at the Andrews Community Forest, I plan on creating regular short videos for the upcoming forest management project at the Hinesburg Town Forest. I just started a new playlist on my YouTube Channel for this project, and created an introductory video, which you can find here. I've also created a LinkTree for the project, where you can see lots of relevant links and information on this and other related projects. 
I've been excited about providing people with the ability to explore the forest management area on their own, armed with resources and tools to understand what we're doing and why we're doing it, and so I've created another self-guided tour of the project area (see info, below). If that's not your thing, don't worry -- I'll also be spreading the word in the old-fashioned way, so stay tuned for announcements about virtual and in-person events, articles and more. 

Read my article for this month, about "legacy" in our forests, here

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Andrews Community Forest Story Map

The forest management project at the Andrews Community Forest in Richmond, which started last summer, recently concluded. I've created a story map about the project, which you can check out here:

Demonstration and Education at the Hinesburg Town Forest

You can take a self-guided tour through two areas at the Hinesburg Town Forest, one of which was managed from 2018-2020, and another which will be managed starting this winter.

In both projects, the HTF hopes to demonstrate a thoughtful approach to the stewardship of Vermont’s forests, simultaneously managing for wildlife, biodiversity, climate resilience, carbon sequestration and storage, local, renewable resources and more. A major goal of these projects is also to showcase responsible forest management to the public in an open, transparent and inclusive way

To take the virtual tour of the 2018-20 forest management area, visit the HTF’s trailhead at the end of Economou Road in Huntington. A sign by the trailhead kiosk will guide you through the download of the free Avenza Maps app and a map that will allow you to navigate throughout the management area, including to 8 “stops,” each marked by permanent interpretive signage. Each sign contains information on different aspects of the project and links to educational resources and videos with QR Codes. More information about this project can be found here:

To check out the forest management project that has yet to be completed at the HTF, visit the HTF’s trailhead on Hayden Hill Road East in Hinesburg. Signage at the Hayden Hill East trailhead will provide the means to download the Avenza Maps app and navigate through the area to be managed in 2021-22 and see the trees marked to be cut. Check out this video to learn more and please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns about this project.   


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