VRGA asks Vermont businesses to fill out fiscal impact survey

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VRGA asks Vermont businesses to fill out fiscal impact survey

Fri, 09/25/2020 - 2:22pm -- tim

State of Vermont Using Data to Assist Businesses as Needed

Vermont Business Magazine In order to better understand the fiscal status of the state of Vermont during COVID-19, Vermont Retail and Grocers Association encourages all retailers, grocers, and businesses that sell any products or services to provide feedback to help understand the current impact of COVID-19 on Vermont businesses.

The Vermont State Economist, Tom Kavet of Kavet, Rockler, & Associates, LLC, has asked once again that the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association (VRGA) share an updated survey with business owners throughout the state. The results of this survey will be used to assess the current impact of COVID-19 on Vermont businesses and inform public policy in the State of Vermont.

The survey can be accessed from any web browser or mobile device by visiting http://bit.ly/SeptVTEconSurvey, and should take no more than five minutes. All information will be compiled by Kavet, Rockler, & Associates, LLC, and will be kept confidential and compiled into an anonymous dataset for the privacy of participants.

“VRGA members are a critical part of the Vermont economy and among the most severely impacted from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Vermont State Economist, Tom Kavet. “We hope that direct feedback from members will help quantify these impacts and provide important context for the unprecedented business event we are all experiencing.”

“Accurate and recent data from local businesses is crucial for understanding the rapidly changing economic landscape as the retail sector works to survive and recover from a major shut down. It’s also crucial in providing aid based on need, and planning for next year and beyond,” said Erin Sigrist, President of Vermont Retail and Grocers Association. “We continue to field questions and hear concerns from our members about needs and uncertainty for the future so we are more than willing to help bring awareness to these surveys and support the work of the State Economist.”

In addition to this effort, VRGA worked closely with the office of Governor Scott and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development through the height of the pandemic to safely reopen retail in Vermont. A variety of resources for responding to COVID-19 and preparing for reopening can be found on the association’s Coronavirus Resource Page at https://bit.ly/VRGAhealthinfo, including webinars on financial planning, social media management, retailing in the time of COVID-19, getting started with virtual retail, and much more.

VRGA provides access to an impressive array of benefits including a newly introduced Multi-State “Closed” MEP 401k Plan for retail employees, payroll processing, credit-debit card processing savings, reduced-cost shipping programs, dental insurance plans. VRGA also provides full-time representation in the legislature with opportunities to address legislators directly about retail and food business related issues. 

To learn more about the work VRGA does, visit their website at www.vtrga.org, follow them on Facebook & Instagram, call their office at (802) 839-1928 or visit them at 963 Paine Turnpike N, Berlin, VT 05602.

About Vermont Retail & Grocers Association:

The Vermont Retail & Grocers Association represents approximately 800 Vermont retail stores and 250 suppliers to the industry, including members of the Vermont Specialty Food Association. VRGA is an association of merchants and trade partners united to promote the sustainable growth of the industry through the educational, economic and public policy needs of its members. They are the leading voice in the legislature representing members when it comes to proposed changes in laws surrounding employment regulations, taxation, environmental regulations and much more. 

Source: Montpelier, Vt. – Administration 9.25.2020