The handblown Vermont Cocktail/Whiskey Glass has arrived on the market

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The handblown Vermont Cocktail/Whiskey Glass has arrived on the market

Sun, 05/31/2020 - 5:42am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine AO Glass operates on 416 Pine Street in the heart of Burlington, Vermont and has been in business since 2007. The glass team is now back in the studio, following all the recommended safety precautions.

After a pause in time created by the COVID-19 Virus, the creative, skilled, and seasoned, team at AO Glass is presenting a whole new in-house collection. First out in the Vermont Strong Collection of 2020 is the Cocktail/Whiskey Glass.

Rich Arentzen, Co-Owner of AO Glass, “As a company, we have resources to create functional objects that reflect a sense of our community as we reenvision how we interact with our environments and each other”. “If you can’t visit Vermont this summer, you could at least sip some drinks out of this glass as you plan your next trip."

Tove Ohlander, Co-Owner of AO Glass, “With the direct sales to customers online, it gives us an opportunity to keep our prices low. These handblown glasses are landing at $45-50 and that is important during times when people want to buy gifts but can’t spend a fortune. Another feature that’s unique for AO Glass is that we offer hand engraved custom names or quotes on our products, and customers really appreciate to add that kind of value to a gift."

The original handblown AO-VERMONT cocktail/whiskey glass is a versatile go-to glass to have around the home that you can be proud to own or to give as a gift. These are perfect for savoring some of your favorite liquids, whether you’re in the Green Mountain State or far from home. Pair these with a bottle of spirits from one of our fantastic Vermont-based distilleries. And share the warmth.

Next one up in the VT series is a bowl followed by a decanter. Sign up to the AO newsletter to follow the progress of the ancient art of glassblowing at a handmade-in-America creative hub.
AO Glass is a leading producer of Hand Blown Glass in North America, supplying iconic lighting companies with high-quality glass components including Hubbardton Forge and Allied Maker among many others. Last year AO Glass collaborated with Whistle Pig in to produce the collectible bottle stopper for their 18-year-old Rye.

Find the Vermont Strong Glass at For inquiries email or call 802.488.4455. We ship all over the country.

AO Glass is located at 416 Pine St. in Burlington, VT. Open for appointment only and requires all visitors to wear a mask."

Source: May 27.2020. Burlington VT. AO Glass. Photo by Brian MacDonald.