Members of VSP Fair & Impartial Policing Committee speak out on police-community relations in Vermont

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Members of VSP Fair & Impartial Policing Committee speak out on police-community relations in Vermont

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 5:05pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The following members of the Vermont State Police Fair and Impartial Policing Committee are joining agency and state leadership in condemning the atrocity in Minneapolis.

In addition, the committee members, who have worked closely with the Vermont State Police for more than a decade to strengthen relationships between police and numerous communities throughout the state, believe the ongoing partnerships can set an example at home and beyond our borders for necessary structural change.

“The Vermont State Police is breaking the Blue Wall of Silence by condemning the actions of Minneapolis police officers in the murder of George Floyd,” said Tabitha Moore, president of the Rutland chapter of the NAACP and a member of the Vermont State Police Fair and Impartial Policing Committee. “I appreciate this sort of leadership and integrity and hope that other departments around Vermont and the larger U.S. follow suit, not just in words but in actions.”

“We stand with the people of Minneapolis and in solidarity with Minneapolis NAACP Branch President Leslie Redmond in their fight for justice,” she added. “More departments must not only condemn clearly egregious acts of unjust and partial policing, but must simultaneously commit to proactive measures that also extract nuanced acts of bias and violence from the policies, practices, procedure, and culture of policing.”

“Continued transparency about shortcomings and efforts to correct them are two ways that the Vermont State Police stands out in that regard,” Moore continued. “When departments both condemn atrocities and reflect on how their own ranks could be vulnerable to such behavior, they decrease the likelihood of committing said atrocities and increase community confidence in their ability to carry out fair and impartial policing practices.”

Added Curtiss Reed Jr., executive director of the Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity and an original member of the state police Fair and Impartial Policing Committee: “More so than the simple review of policies and training procedures, we have full confidence that Vermont State Police leadership will model and reinforce the changes in policies and practices throughout its ranks that ultimately contribute to the ongoing positive cultural shift within the agency. We have this confidence based on their demonstrated ability to sustain incremental changes that have engendered greater trust with our communities over the course of a decade plus.”

Imam Islam Hassan of the Islamic Society of Vermont said: “The Muslim community in the state of Vermont is diminished by the brutal violence that led to the death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis. We hope to see everyone involved in this disturbing video get what they deserve through the course of Justice. We at the Islamic Society of Vermont are fortunate enough to have such an excellent partnership with the Vermont State Police. Their consistent support and encouragement to our community is setting an example to the other law enforcement agencies in New England and across the nation. We are fortunate enough not to have experienced any these tragedies in the Green Mountain State.”

Source: VSP WATERBURY, Vt. (Friday, May 29, 2020)