GMP boosts rebates on energy savers, adding solar sharing in June

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GMP boosts rebates on energy savers, adding solar sharing in June

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 12:37pm -- tim

New GMP Programs Include Enhanced Rebates Plus Innovative Solar Credit Sharing App to Assist Recovery for Small Businesses in Vermont

Vermont Business Magazine Green Mountain Power (GMP) launched a new package of incentives and programs called Go, Save & Share Green with GMP to help customers save money and help small businesses get back on their feet following the COVID-19 economic shutdown. GMP is increasing rebates on heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, electric mowers and electric bikes now through the end of August, and will launch a solar credit sharing program in June, as well as a new way for customers to reduce energy use that also raises money for the Vermont Food Bank.

“These new rebates and energy-sharing programs are innovative ways we can help customers save money while helping each other, the economy and the environment at the same time,” said Mari McClure, GMP’s president and CEO. “This is at the core of GMP’s approach every day, and it matters now more than ever as we work together through this recovery,” she said.

Charging up your e-bike. GMP images.

When GMP launched its $400 heat pump rebate in 2019, customers responded in record numbers, and the company expects that the new, $800 rebate will make it easier for more customers to switch to cleaner, more efficient heating and cooling at home – which also increases business for Vermont companies that install heat pumps.

“The timing of this increased rebate is great,” said Nick Paquette, owner of Paquette Plumbing in Mendon. “Cost is always a big factor for customers, and this will definitely drive an uptick in our business. Heat pumps make up more than 30 percent of the work we do, and we will see more customers thanks to this new way to save.”

Next month, GMP will launch a groundbreaking way for net-metering customers to share solar credits to assist small Vermont businesses working to get back on their feet. The Share with Vermont Green app will allow customers to select the amount of solar power they’d like to share, and that value will go directly to help small businesses and non-profits in the form of a bill credit. If every non-group net-metering customer shares all of the excess energy they’re sending back to the grid – that could generate millions in assistance by the end of this year.

GMP’s Innovation Team was inspired to adapt the Vermont Green renewable energy sharing app after getting an emailed suggestion in March from customer Michael Shank of Brandon, who wanted to share his extra solar credits as a way of helping organizations in need.

“GMP is finding innovative ways to help customers and the planet - from money saving EV programs that reduce carbon to this energy-sharing program,” Shank said. “This is a great first step toward more choice in energy sharing and shows how responsive GMP is to their customers. This program stands to help many Vermonters at a time when it is so badly needed, and I hope it is successful so it could eventually expand to other energy sharing options.”

Another new GMP program called Save and Share with GMP will launch in July. Customers can reduce their energy use while raising money for the Vermont Food Bank and helping all GMP customers save. Customers can enroll to get notifications about peak demand times on the grid, so they know when to reduce their energy use. This reduces energy costs when they are most expensive and the savings will go to all GMP customers, with a portion benefitting the Vermont Food Bank, which is seeing an unprecedented surge of requests for help with food assistance.

“So many Vermonters are facing hardships, and to see this type of support, shows a great Team Vermont approach.  We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Vermont neighbors seeking help, and our goal is to make sure no Vermonter goes hungry,” said John Sayles, CEO of the Vermont Foodbank. “The need is great, but so is the kindness of Vermonters.”

The Go, Save & Share Green With GMP program is just one of the steps GMP has taken to help customers during the pandemic.

Go, Save & Share Green With GMP

Enhanced rebates good through Aug. 31, 2020

Energy Sharing

  • Share with Vermont Green

Launches in June, a convenient app makes it simple for net metering customers to share energy they’re exporting back to the grid. The credits they share will benefit small Vermont businesses working to get back on their feet.

  • Save and Share

Launches in July. Help Vermonters in need by reducing your energy use during peak demand times on the grid. This saves all GMP customers money and some of those savings will be shared with the Vermont Foodbank. Enroll, and you will get notifications about peaks. Turn down your power use to help others. It is that easy!

How it Works

1. Refrigerant

The substance that allows a heat pump to work is refrigerant. A refrigerant is a substance or mixture, usually a fluid, that has properties allowing it to transition from a liquid to a gas and back again (or various combinations of the two). Another important property of a refrigerant is that it boils at low temperatures, such as room temperature air or colder.

2. A pump to circulate the refrigerant

Refrigerant starts out inside a compressor, which is also the “pump” part of the ductless heat pump, in the outdoor unit. This compressor pumps the refrigerant between two coils. Heat pumps work by energy transfer; therefore one coil is always absorbing heat while the other is releasing heat.

3. Heating the home

The system’s goal is to move heat (energy) into your home from the outside air. Valves cause pressure in the outdoor unit to increase, causing the refrigerant in the coil outside to get very cold, even colder than the surrounding air. This cold refrigerant absorbs heat from the slightly warmer outside air. The warmed refrigerant is then pumped inside. When it enters the coil in the indoor unit, a fan blows air across warm refrigerant in the coil and that warm air is blown into your home.

4. Cooling the home

The system’s goal is to remove heat (energy) from inside your home. Valves cause pressure in the indoor unit to increase, causing the refrigerant in the coil to get cold. A fan blows air across the cold refrigerant in the coil and cools your home. Warm air from inside your home is absorbed by the cool refrigerant and pumped outside to the outdoor unit where it is released into the air.

About Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power (GMP) serves approximately 266,000 residential and business customers in Vermont and is partnering with them to improve lives and transform communities. GMP is focused on a new way of doing business to meet the needs of customers with integrated energy services that help people use less energy and save money, while continuing to generate clean, cost-effective and reliable power in Vermont. GMP is the first utility in the world to get a B Corp certification, meeting rigorous social, environmental, accountability and transparency standards and committing to use business as a force for good. GMP earned a spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World list four years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020).  J.D. Power’s 2018 and 2019 rankings put GMP among top utilities for customer satisfaction. In 2019 and 2020 GMP was named “One of the Best Places to Work in Vermont” by Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, and was the winner of the Deane C. Davis Outstanding Vermont Business of the Year Award in 2019.

Source: COLCHESTER, Vt. – Green Mountain Power 5.28.2020