Planning for business interruption Webinar series teaches resiliency and flexibility

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Planning for business interruption Webinar series teaches resiliency and flexibility

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 4:10pm -- tim
Prepare your business for unpredictable times


Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont Retail and Grocers Association (VRGA) and the Vermont Specialty Food Association (VSFA) have partnered with an exceptional team of panelists to help businesses through the creation and implementation of a business interruption plan that will prepare them for any crises that may arise in the future, including a potential second wave of COVID-19.


This two-part series will cover multiple perspectives of crisis response and preparation including HR policies and procedures, legal prep, and financial reaction. The first session will be held on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm, with the second session occurring the following Wednesday, June 29th at 1pm.


Session 1: Profit: Volume is Vanity, Profit is Sanity

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020, 1pm
Presented by Ted LeBow, Kitchen Table Consultants, Intro by Bryan Ducharme, Venture 7 Advisors, with additional resources provided  by Cassandra LaRae-Perez, Gravel & Shea

How do you know if you’re profitable? In this 30 minute session we’ll step (quickly) through the following:

  1. Setting your books up to tell a profit story

  2. How do measure your profit on a daily basis and

  3. How to identify your most critical numbers and benchmark them.

Kitchen Table Consultants will intertwine an actual case study of a specialty food processor that learned how to do this and will share actual tips and tools. This session will prepare you to make pressing financial decisions in a crisis situation when time is of the essence.


Session 2: HR and Employee Safety

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020, 1pm
Presented by Shannon Prescott, The Richards Group, and Heather Rider-Hammond, Gravel & Shea, with additional resources provided by Cassandra LaRae-Perez, Gravel & Shea


What is Business Continuity planning, why is it important, and how do businesses get started with a plan? When COVID-19 hit, businesses were forced to make many quick and difficult decisions about their employees in a rapidly changing and uncertain environment.

In this presentation, we will look at what has changed since the early days of the pandemic (FFCRA, unemployment, etc) and what has not changed (ADA, FMLA, FEPA, etc.) and discuss strategies to incorporate practical and legally-sound employment policies into your business continuity plan. We'll use the example of COVID and planning now for the potential Fall surge, but also touch on other situations that business should think about for overall crisis management.


“When COVID-19 hit in March, businesses worldwide scrambled to balance books and keep the lights on while keeping employees and customers safe. Some businesses had contingency plans, while others may have reached out to trade associations, chambers, HR professionals, and others for guidance and support,” said Erin Sigrist, president of Vermont Retail & Grocers Association. “This pandemic has placed a spotlight on the need for all businesses to plan for business interruption or other emergencies. We’re here for our members and believe that this guidance will prove to be valuable.” 


Interested viewers can register at This session is open to all, however, some planning resources referenced in the presentations will only be available to members of VRGA and VSFA. VRGA and VSFA staff are happy to discuss membership options and resources to those interested in joining. Contact the office by phone at 802-839-1928 or by email at


For the benefit of all during this crisis, VRGA and VSFA have made their COVID-19 related webinars available to the public for a limited time. Find these pre-recorded webinars on VRGA’s webinar page here Prior webinar topics include setting up and utilizing e-Commerce  Platforms, PPP Forgiveness, Dealing with Workplace Conflict During COVID-19,  and more.


To learn more about the work VRGA does, visit their website at

About Vermont Retail & Grocers Association:

The Vermont Retail & Grocers Association represents approximately 800 Vermont retail stores and 250 suppliers to the industry, including members of the Vermont Specialty Food Association. VRGA is an association of merchants and trade partners united to promote the sustainable growth of the industry through the educational, economic and public policy needs of its members. The association is the leading voice in the legislature representing members when it comes to proposed changes in laws surrounding employment regulations, taxation, environmental regulations, and much more. 

About the Vermont Specialty Food Association

The Vermont Specialty Food Association is the leading information resource for all specialty food and beverage producers, service providers, and industry professionals. VSFA seeks to grow specialty food businesses and the Vermont industry through education, promotion, and statewide and national collaboration. It is the nation's oldest and most highly regarded specialty food association, celebrating over 30 years of service to the industry.  


Source: Berlin, Vt - The Vermont Retail and Grocers Association 7.15.2020