Statement from Mayor Weinberger on resignation of Jan Wright

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Statement from Mayor Weinberger on resignation of Jan Wright

Mon, 02/10/2020 - 9:15pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine A second high ranking member of the Burlington Police Department has stepped down as part of the fallout from the resignation of former police chief Brandon Del Pozo over misuse of a social media account. Deputy Chief Jan Wright had at first been appointed by Mayor Miro Weinberger as acting chief in December after Del Pozo had resigned for creating a fake Twitter account in order to taunt a frequent critic of his and the department's.

But Wright then admitted to her own fake Facebook account that first led to her suspension and eventually to Monday evening's forced resignation, when her anonymous social media use turned out to be more widespread than she initially admitted to.

In response to the resignation of Wright, Mayor Miro Weinberger released the following statement Monday evening:

“Good local governance, including good policing, depends upon the hard and skillful work of our City team, including civility and respect for all members of our community. In this instance, a high-ranking leader in our City’s Police Department took multiple actions that damaged City relationships and eroded the public’s and my trust in her judgment beyond repair. Jan Wright completed nearly two decades of exemplary service for Burlington, and she has agreed to my request that her service to the City end at this time, for the benefit of the Department and of the City.”

Chief del Pozo resigned December 16. This followed revelations that he had set up a fake Twitter account last summer and then lied about it to a Seven Days reporter. Seven Days broke the story. Burlington Mayor Weinberger, who hired the chief in 2015, issued a lengthy statement on Friday explaining why he had not fired del Pozo when the chief first came to him to admit that he had set up the account and then lied about it. 

The mayor had kept the matter secret from the City Council and the public and explained that it was both a mental health and human resource matter.

He then appointed Wright who initially did not inform Weinberger of her own fake social media use.

In January, former Colchester police chief Jennifer Morrison was confirmed as Interim Chief of Police while the City engages in a national search for a new permanent chief.