John Klar withdraws from Vermont governor race

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John Klar withdraws from Vermont governor race

Fri, 08/14/2020 - 2:01pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Republican gubernatorial candidate John Klar from Brookfield has withdrawn his Independent filing to run for Governor in 2020. He said in a statement today that his focus will now be to support the many qualified Republican candidates for office in November, especially those who have stood up with him to focus attention on Vermont’s looming economic problems, particularly its underfunded state pensions system and unsustainably expensive schools.

Klar ran against Governor Phil Scott in the Republican primary and received nearly 13,000 votes or 22.2 percent. Just prior to the primary he said he also would run in the General Election as an Independent.

“The Vermont Republican Party has been divided, but it must unite to lead Vermonters toward the fiscal conservatism needed to repair government mismanagement and stimulate economic prosperity. Conservatives must unite not only to support our ideas and local candidates, but also to earnestly involve our left-leaning neighbors and fellow citizens to join with us to solve these problems. The issues that have shaped my campaign arise from the crises that face all Vermonters -- the opioid scourge, school closings, imploding pensions and declining economy affect all of us regardless of our political affiliation, race, or gender.

Vermonters must embrace the civility and community that have long been the foundation of our culture. I am proud to have worked with so many wonderful people, to encourage many outstanding candidates for political office in 2020! I am grateful that so many Vermonters have contributed their time and ideas to help us try to improve our state. This is just a beginning.”