Introduction to mechanized logging safety Oct 8,9

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Introduction to mechanized logging safety Oct 8,9

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 4:01am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine October 8th and 9th 2019, The Logger Education to Advance Professionalism (LEAP) program is offering a modernized logging safety course. The program is one of the requirements for participants to become eligible for the Vermont Logger Safety and Workers’ Insurance program, a certification in high demand by contractors, that can result in a 15% discount on workers’ compensation insurance premiums. The course will cover many safety elements in a mechanized logging environment, as well as expectations set for employers and employees, delivered by safety qualified instructors.

The safety course includes, hazards and protection, safe practices for low-sulfur diesel, machine operation safety, working around power lines, safe planning operations, safety documentation, and the development of a culture of safety in the work environment. 1,200 logging contractors and their employees completed this course in Maine in the spring of 2019.

Logging is statistically a high risk occupation and this program has been designed to reduce the risk of injury to those working on logging operations. A credible safety training program, combined with an on-site inspection of logging operations to ensure that safe practices learned in training have been implemented, have been proven to reduce injuries, claims and costs in other states.

The course will be led by Donald Burr the current Safety Director of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine. Donald will be accompanied by Ted Clark the Loss Control Agent at Acadia Insurance as well as the current Director of the Northeast Master Logger Program, Ted Wright. The course is limited to 35 loggers and registration begins at 7:00am at the Nortrax Equipment Company, 300 Clinton St. Springfield, VT on October 8th. The course will also be offered at Anderson Equipment, 151 Packard Road, East Montpelier, VT on October 9th. Presentations will run from 7:30 to 4:00pm. The cost will be $150 per logger, lunch included. For more information about the program contact LEAP coordinator, David Birdsall,, (802)-235-2908 or visit the LEAP website,


The Logger Education to Advance Professionalism (LEAP) Program is a not-for-profit educational organization that strives to remain non-political. LEAP recognizes that the logging profession is an essential link between Vermont woodlands and forest industry. Along with landowners and foresters, loggers are partners in managing our forests for wood, water, wildlife and recreation. Vermont's forests have a legacy of providing these resources and are capable of sustaining these public benefits if properly managed. We see education as offering a positive approach, bringing everyone together to reach this common goal. The LEAP program is an instrument to encourage life-long learning among loggers. We will strive to promote professionalism through education and instill a stewardship ethic among loggers. The outcome of this endeavor, we envision, will be a well managed and productive forest landscape, and a positive public perception of the logging profession.

Source: RUTLAND, Vt. --  LEAP 10.1.2019