Vermont Works leads capital raise for gardening tech start-up

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Vermont Works leads capital raise for gardening tech start-up

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 9:44am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Works Management Company, LLC, an independent alternative investment firm whose mission prioritizes both social impact and competitive financial return for Vermonters, has closed an investment with Cloudfarm, Inc., dba Seedsheet, a successful manufacturer of pre-fab gardening systems and technologies out of Middlebury. Proceeds of the financing will be used to fund several new senior management positions for the team and to automate and expand the company’s manufacturing capacity. Seedsheet expects to create more than 10 new jobs in Middlebury over the next 12 months with this investment.

“The entire Vermont Works team is incredibly excited to be working with Seedsheet, a company that not only provides an exciting service and product but that perfectly illustrates the type of Vermont success story we are working to help foster,” said Robert Zulkoski, chairman and managing partner of Vermont Works. “Without support here at home, Seedsheet would have likely been forced to go out-of-state to find expansion resources like capital, mentorship and connectivity, so we are thrilled to help keep the company in Vermont and offer those much-needed resources in our backyard. We hope Seedsheet is one of many growing Vermont businesses Vermont Works can help support.”

Vermont Works partners will be actively involved with the company’s day-to-day operations, providing guidance and insight alongside Seedsheet founder and CEO Cam MacKugler until the expanded management team is in place and the manufacturing automation project is completed.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with Vermont Works and the opportunity ahead of us,” said MacKugler. “Vermont Works’ approach has created a resource pool that can grow with us as we scale our business, bringing on investors from both in- and out-of-state, offering a wealth of collective experience and industry connections, and creating a support system of mentorship and collaboration that will be invaluable as we enter this next phase of expansion to continue finding success as a Vermont-based company.”

Seedsheet, which bills itself as The Blue Apron of Agriculture, is making it easier than ever to grow your own food, no matter where you live, offering a diverse selection of curated recipe gardens for those who value simplicity, economy and transparency in their food supply to align with their social, health and environmental ethos. The company’s approach has caught on with urban millennials, driving a growing demand for this product that necessitates the current expansion plans in partnership with Vermont Works and others. For more information about Seedsheet, visit , and to learn more about Vermont Works, visit .

About Cloudfarm

Cloudfarm, Inc., dba Seedsheet , designs, manufactures, and sells pre-fab gardening systems and technologies to make it ridiculously easy for anyone from urban dwellers to small commercial producers to grow incredibly fresh, clean, and healthy agricultural products with their own two hands. Seedsheets are designed as curated arrangements (Herbs, Salads, Tacos, Caprese, Hot Sauce, and Cocktails) or can be custom designed online to the specific needs of the more adventurous gardener. The company is constantly expanding the range of seeds and products offered in its curated and customized products and is developing small commercial scale applications of its technology. The company is also developing commercial versions of its core products that promise simplified planting, improved yields, and more profitable operating results for small commercial producers.

About Vermont Works Management Company, LLC

Established in 2016, Vermont Works Management Company , LLC, is an independent alternative investment firm, focusing on delivering both competitive financial returns and social impact in support of Vermont’s job creation and economic development. Vermont Works was founded to foster the growth of livable-wage jobs for Vermonters, to provide a catalyst for innovation with exposure to and adoption of global best-practices in sustainability and operations for Vermont-based companies, and to attract new out-of-state capital further supporting local entrepreneurship and showcasing successful Vermont businesses. To advance its mission, Vermont Works is leading the development of a new regional innovation hub in Burlington, the Vermont Innovation Commons, centralizing business acceleration, co-working, co-living and prototyping space under one roof. Together, Vermont Works and Vermont Innovation Commons provide access to meaningful financial resources, experienced mentorship, and international connectivity, to cultivate Vermont’s nascent thriving entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem.

Source: BURLINGTON, VT (March 19, 2019) — Vermont Works