Complete and return your VERMONT 100 survey

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Complete and return your VERMONT 100 survey

Mon, 12/09/2019 - 9:31am -- tim

This is our 33rd Anniversary!

Vermont Business Magazine is preparing to publish our 33rd annual Vermont 100+, a ranking of Vermont companies based on revenues. Last year we listed nearly 200 companies ranked by total revenues and also ranked by industry. The rankings will be published in our January 2020 issue.

To be considered for this prestigious recognition, enter your 2019 revenue figure (or estimate) in the space provided and mail, fax or email back your survey. If you do not know and cannot estimate 2019's revenues, please enter the figure for the most recently completed fiscal year and note what year the figure is for.

Deadline is December 11, 2019. There is no charge to be listed in any of our rankings or directories.

Company Name:    

DBA or Corporate Name:   



Telephone:                                                                     Fax:  



CEO & Title:                         

HR/Office Manager & Title:

Sales Manager & Title:                 

Contact:                                                                     Contact Email:   

Fulltime Employees in Vermont Only                               System-wide (VT & Out of State):

Revenues in 2019 (in Millions):  $                                             

(Please note the actual calendar year or FY)

Revenues 2018:                       2017:                    2016:                  2015:                     2014:               

Revenues 2009:                       1999:                    1994:                  1989:  

To be considered for the 5-year Growth Awards, please make sure to report revenues back to 2014: We also rank 10, 20, 25, 30-year fastest growing companies.

Product or Service (15 words or less):  


Category (circle one):   Manufacturing,  Construction,  Wholesale/Distribution,  Retail,  Financial,  Tech,  Services

Year Established             Ownership C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, SP, etc):         ISO Certification:

* ESTIMATE if needed. If reporting assets or billings (brokered sales, value of premiums, etc), instead of revenues, please note.

RETURN BY: US MAIL, or FAX 802/863-8069, or EMAIL or call (802) 863-8038

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